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Create a Vision Board and Watch Your Dreams Unfold

I am one of those people that loves to capture ideas and dreams. Frequently, they come to me at the most inopportune times. They may slip in my mind through a vision, plan, or meditation.   Sometimes, the idea concerns a program I’ll create, an article to write, or a trip. These inspirations can also guide me


The Loving-Kindness Meditation

The Loving-Kindness Meditation has gained recognition for its transformative effects on reducing stress and promoting relaxation. It is especially relevant in these uncertain times, offering solace for those dealing with anxiety. By practicing this form of meditation, individuals can develop the ability to respond to their fears with wisdom. Instead of battling, feeding, or numbing their fear


Kundalini Yoga for a Youthful Spine

The number one secret to staying youthful is to keep your spine flexible and healthy. The spine is an indicator of health and balance. When it is strong, lengthened, and flexible, the benefits can be seen physically, mentally, and spiritually. Collapsing the spine by slumping affects our entire body: it minimizes our capacity to breathe deeply,

Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing Heals

We naturally look for ways to relieve stress after a crisis strikes. We ask friends or maybe a therapist for help but often overlook the powerful healing tools that reside just outside our doors. I have always felt a connection to the forest, but that connection has grown even more in the past few years.


Create A Sacred Space

Getting Set to Meditate: Create a Sacred Space Starting a meditation practice may be the simplest ritual you ever adopt. Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, it also may be the richest and most complex. The only prep work involved is in creating a physical place, somewhere in your home, that becomes a place to rest your


Practicing Mudras for Health and Wellness

Practicing mudras can be a great way to heal and nurture yourself. Mudras involve bringing the thumb together with the tip of one or more of your fingers. Each finger has a corresponding energy channel to the brain, and touching the thumb to the respective finger acts as a keyboard that inputs information to your


Unearth the Most Valuable Parts Of Who You Are

Record your feelings in your journal to unearth valuable information about yourself. With a dedicated journaling practice, you will be able to reflect on the changes that arise from the simple act of looking inside. Practice: Journaling is a tool that helps us unearth emotions that might not be accessible in our day-to-day consciousness but still

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Safe Haven Meditation to Restore Security

Fear puts a blanket over all that makes you feel safe and secure. The Safe Haven Meditation brings you back into a relationship with harmony and balance and gives you the courage to take the steps needed to heal. The focus is one of the most effective tools for recovering balance and grounding. It will


Fear not – Harness the Power of Focus to Stay Calm

Fear takes us out of our body when it no longer feels safe to be there, and yet when we activate a sharp, intentional eye focus, we encourage ourselves to stay calm and take action from a place of focus rather than a place of disorder. Early last summer, I was alone at home for


The Power of Prioritizing Yourself: 8 Steps to Health and Well-Being

I find I must prioritize my life’s balance above anyone else’s. This might sound simple, but it requires awareness, diligence, and huge amounts of courage. There are no more powerful tools in my toolbox than the ones that help me recognize the things that fill me up and the people, places, and things that deplete

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