Kind Words

Here’s Some More of What My Clients, Readers, and Community Members Say About What I Offer

“It's probably the greatest gift I've ever given to myself... A year later, I feel a real sense of enlightenment. I feel much more confident and grounded than I did a year ago.”
Hear More From AHI Alum Tracey Fraser:
“I'd say for anybody considering Awaken the Healer Inside and you're willing to make the commitment financially and spiritually and physically, you should do it. It was a great experience for me. And I've come out much better on the other side.”
Hear More From AHI Alum Mary Guy:
“Completing Awakening The Healer impacted my life as well as my family's life. I have learned from the many tools and exercises to be more responsible for myself, to have gratitude and take time to meditate before responding or reacting. I believe I am kinder to myself and more compassionate, and I am so grateful for this learning experience that I will carry with me forever.”
Hear More From AHI Alum Christine Roberge-Psaute
“My favorite part of the Awaken the Healer program was really the connection that I had with all the other, women and participants in the group. It was just a place to really share and feel real safe and supported.”
Hear More From AHI Alum Margaret O'Donnell
“Sarah Brassard is a Spiritual Warrior. I’ve known Sarah for 30 years. She is someone who has spent her life doing the work required to heal from the inside out. All along the way Sarah has shared her knowledge and helped as many people as possible through her programs, book, personal coaching and yoga classes. I’ve witnessed her courage and strength in owning her “stuff” in order to create true happiness and joy in her life. I describe Sarah as someone who truly walks her walk. She is an innovator and is willing to experiment with any healing modality available. Sarah brings integrity, humanity and laugh out loud humor to all of her endeavors.”
Laura Biggers
“Inside” is an illuminating and transformative book for anyone who wants to start a meditation practice or learn more about self-care. It’s a book to share with friends and reread, especially valuable in these troubled times. With practical advice, tips and inspiration for all stages of your life, it’s a book I’ll be reading again and again!”
Heather Fields
“In this self-help book, Sarah clearly articulates her thoughts on how and why one’s protective impulses thwart one’s goals and cause further strife. It’s divided into two parts, with the first dealing with the difficulty of accepting imperfection, vulnerability, honesty, and trust, which may go against one’s hard-driving instincts. Her 40 practices aim to train readers to slow down, listen, feel, think, and question. Brassard’s advice is consistently down-to-earth in tone; for example, she says that rituals “can be as simple as your daily run to the coffee shop…or the walk you go on with your dog,” and many of the exercises, including the introductory meditation, take only three minutes to do. An insightful and realistic self-help text.”
Kirkus Review
“From the moment I came across Sarah on her social posts, there was an instant connection. She is wise, inspirational, and supportive of soul seekers in search of truths. Having collaborated with her was a wonderful experience and one I’m so grateful for. Her superpower is to cut through the noise and deliver clear thoughtful tools to help you grow and evolve. Thank you Sarah, you are a beacon of light.”
Bernie Lee
“In Inside, Sarah Brassard gently guides readers toward creating greater balance and self-awareness in their lives. Filled with easy-to-follow, step-by-step exercises designed to help anyone at any level build a lasting self-care practice, Inside reminds us of the counterintuitive fact that to achieve and live the lives we dream of, it’s essential we begin with ourselves.”
Peter Smith, former contributing editor, O the Oprah Magazine
Sara writes beautifully and I instantly felt as if we are longtime friends. She is honest and encouraging. The practices are applicable and assessable. Wonderful book - important message - I highly recommend it.
Kirk McDonald
“The practical nature of this book comes from Sarah’s love as a teacher and from her own experience through healing. Anyone who embarks on the journey that this book provides will receive a beautiful gift of self empowerment and growth.”
Snatam Kaur
“I’m forever grateful for Sarah and her wisdom and vision and for creating such a special space for learning and healing.”
Leigh Alberti
“Sarah has created a manual for healing body, mind, heart and spirit that is guaranteed to inspire and change any reader’s life for the better. Wise, accessible, heartfelt, useful, and humble…this is a book and guide I will return to often.”
Terry Walters, author of Clean Food
“In this invaluable addition to the library of spiritual guides, Sarah Brassard offers one of the most important lessons in life: the practice of self-care. Whether it’s deep childhood trauma or free-floating anxiety that accounts for our struggle, in these pages Brassard gives us the tools to recognize life for what it is meant to be — whole, peaceful and, above all, brimming with happiness.”
Katie Hafner, author of Mother Daughter Me and New York Times contributor
“I was searching for something and didn’t really know what but found this practice which connected me to my body, mind, and soul. My journey continued when Sarah introduced her book, Inside, and developed a program that supported me in looking inside, something I had not felt safe doing in many years. I learned to breathe, accept my feelings and become a peaceful observer. Now when I feel a reaction coming on that may not be supportive or healthy, I walk away and breathe until I am able to respond instead of react.”
Donna Spatidol
“With trauma as her first teacher and a lifetime’s worth of seeking and learning under her belt, Sarah Brassard is the best kind of guide and healer: one who has transformed her own profound suffering into a gift for all who are lost, in pain, and yearning for change.”
Katrina Kenison, author of Magical Journey: An Apprenticeship in Contentment and Moments of Seeing: Reflections from an Ordinary Life
“I recognized a need to dig deeper into what I wanted for myself. The live events and the abundance of resources offered on the portal have given me the tools I need to, at times, put myself first.”
Pauline Festa
“Sarah’s wisdom extends far beyond her academic and professional knowledge of health and wellness, and healing from mental and physical distress and imbalances. Her depth of understanding the fascinating and complex interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit is superior.”
Rosemary T
“I met Sarah following the sudden loss of my husband, a loss that left myself and our two young children struggling to cope with our grief. This program helped me navigate life during those difficult years and continues to help me thrive today. Sarah’s program, which embraces self care, and has helped me establish a consistent meditation practice and has enabled me to be my best self, as a mother, daughter, friend and colleague. Truly life changing.”
Amy Szep

What attendees said about our last retreat

“Rituals and Rest & Renewal was a great experience. Life had gotten a little heavy, so I thought I needed to reboot. I felt I needed to reconnect with tools that I have that I know are effective to help me get through things.

I learned to take time to listen and stop and actually take care of myself because I'm the only one who's gonna do that, and I'm always running and going and taking care of everybody else, but, I learned that it's okay to take care of myself.

It was great. It made new friends. I learned stuff about myself. I learned stuff about other people who opened up. In the beginning, some people were a little nervous about sharing things and opening up, and by the end, we were exchanging numbers and hugging each other. It was fantastic.”
Laura Major
“I struggle with a lot of anxiety. Learning the tools at the retreat to learn how to calm that anxiety, to use that breathing, that there's so many different tools we can use to calm our nervous system and our minds. It was amazing learning all these different things, different tools. I find when I calm my nervous system, I am more present. I am focused. I'm there. I'm not out of it. I can't wait for the next retreat.”
Abby Colley
“I am profoundly grateful for Sarah’s guidance and mentorship. She has helped shape my practice of Yoga Nidra. What I appreciate about Sarah is her embodiment of the values she teaches. Sarah keeps it real and we also have fun!”
Erin Chace
“There were so many moments that I found in this retreat to be impactful. One in particular was the breakout sessions. That was just so heartwarming and everyone was just so expressive and comfortable talking about something that was so private to them.

I just can't wait for the next retreat. I don't care where it is, I'm going.”
Christine Psaute

Coaching Results

Here’s Some More of What My Clients Say About Coaching

“Sarah really helped me dig down deep into who I kind of always was, but never quite was able to attain because she helped me look at it from a very unique perspective.

Sarah holds you in such a safe space where it allows you to really open up and explore yourself; explore those areas of yourself that perhaps are hidden below the conscious mind. She allows you to be the captain of your own ship in a way that just feels incredibly comfortable and also incredibly comforting and very nurturing.

I would absolutely do it (coaching with Sarah) again in a heartbeat.”
Stacey Lyons
“Before working with Sarah, I felt I wasn't good enough, that I didn't have the knowledge and there was all that insecurity. We really worked on what was holding me back and nothing holding me back anymore.”
Abby Colleey