I Am Sarah

After the death of my father when I was sixteen, life was unrecognizable. My desperation took on many faces—overwhelming sadness, avoidance, substance overuse, people-pleasing, and profound sensitivity.

I grew up in a family wrapped in spirit, nature, and home. Because of that, I walked a spiritual path. But when my father died, I stopped believing in spirituality as a guiding force. I grasped at external elements, believing that if I could make the outside of my life look put together, then maybe people would believe it.

It was this time away from spirit that initiated the greatest learning of my life.

The search outside of myself was a dead end. Even though I found success in my career, met the man of my dreams, and had two beautiful children, without the connection to spirit, I was untethered and lost. It was in this awareness that I found my way back inside to my heart, soul, and happiness.

My work views all the elements of being a human—the physical, emotional and mental—as deeply intertwined… It is from this whole-person perspective that we can best identify the underlying causes of our struggles and empower ourselves to heal.

There are many ways I can help you no matter where you are on your spiritual path, let’s begin with my books!

I walked into Sarah’s Kundalini yoga class absolutely not knowing what to expect. I was searching for something and didn’t really know what but found this practice which connected me to my body, mind and soul.

My journey continued when Sarah introduced her book, Inside, and developed a program that supported me in looking inside, something I had not felt safe doing in many years.

I learned to breathe, accept my feelings and become a peaceful observer. Now when I feel a reaction coming on that may not be supportive or healthy, I walk away and breathe until I am able to respond instead of react.

Inside – A Guide to the Resources Within is a gem, a blueprint, a compass I use daily to navigate life’s inevitable trials we all face

Donna Spatidol