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Inner Healing & Personal Growth Coach

Create a Vision Board and Watch Your Dreams Unfold

I am one of those people that loves to capture ideas and dreams. Frequently, they come to me at the most inopportune times. They may slip in my mind through a vision, plan, or meditation.  

Sometimes, the idea concerns a program I’ll create, an article to write, or a trip. These inspirations can also guide me to a design for updating a part of my home or a specific practice to offer a client struggling to get through a hard time.

These ideas and dreams have their own life and come to me when I am ready to receive this specific creative inspiration. Most of the time, they are a sensation or a visual scrapbook waiting to be developed. Whatever it is, I try to be ready to capture and develop this creative power.

Vision boards are magic at growing these revelations.

Vision boards are a powerful tool for manifesting and visualizing our ideas and dreams. They visually represent our desires, helping us stay focused and motivated to achieve our goals. When these ideas and plans present themselves to us at random moments, vision boards serve as a means to capture and explore them further.

Whether it is a program you wish to create, an article you want to write, or a trip you long to take, vision boards provide a platform for organizing these thoughts and turning them into tangible goals. 

Moreover, vision boards can also guide you in many different aspects of your life. They can inspire you to design ideas for updating your homes, change your career, or offer specific practices to support a clients. 

These boards become a blueprint for turning your thoughts into actions.

Creating a vision board allows you to tap into our creative power. Whether it involves cutting out images from magazines, drawing, or printing pictures from the internet, curating these visuals brings you closer to your dreams.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

1. Start by gathering magazines that appeal to you. Look for ones that spark joy and draw you in. As you flip through the pages, cut out images, words, and headlines that resonate with your goals and dreams. Gather all your materials before you begin gluing.

2. Lay out your favorite cutouts on the board. Remove any images that no longer feel right, and trust your intuition to guide you in selecting the ones that feel the best. As you do this, you’ll see how your board will take shape.

3. Arrange the images in a pattern reflecting the vision you want to create. As you paste the images, words, headlines, and other materials onto your board, feel their support for your idea. You can also write and paint on the board to further personalize it to your dreams.

4. Consider leaving a space in the center of the board for a beautiful, happy picture of yourself. This self-affirming step helps you connect with your desires and visualize yourself achieving them.

5. Hang your vision board in a prominent place in your home or workspace, somewhere you will see it regularly. Make it a point to focus on your board as often as possible. You actively participate in their manifestation by regularly bringing your attention to your dreams and aspirations.

As you watch your dreams unfold, remember to stay open to new and unexpected ways they can manifest. The universe works in mysterious ways, and sometimes, what you envision may come to fruition in ways you never anticipated. Embrace these opportunities and stay committed to your vision.

*Viewing your vision boards regularly reinforces your commitment to your dreams and inspirations. So dream big, indulge in positive thoughts of love and growth, and watch your vision become a reality. ✨

Sarah Brassard is a writer, teacher, and coach living in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  She’s the author of Inside – A Guide to the Resources Within

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