Inner Healing & Personal Growth Coach for Women
Inner Healing & Personal Growth Coach for Women

Self-Care and Spiritual Life Coach for Women

Become Your Own Healer

Ready to master a self-care practice that secures well-being and personal growth for the rest of your life?

I guide women healing from trauma, anxiety, and historical wounds toward a life of peace, balance, and happiness. As a spiritual mentor, intuitive healer, and holistic health coach, I offer tools and support that foster inner focus, healing, and transformation.

Join me on a path of inner healing and self-discovery that will nurture your healing, growth, and creativity for a lifetime.

Self-Care and Spiritual Life Coach for Women

Become Your Own Healer

Ready to master a self-care practice that secures well-being and personal growth for the rest of your life?

I guide women healing from trauma, anxiety, and historical wounds from a place of suffering toward a life of peace, balance, and happiness. As a spiritual mentor, intuitive healer, and holistic health coach, I offer tools and support that foster inner focus, healing, and transformation.

Join me on a path of inner healing and self-discovery that will nurture your healing, growth, and creativity for a lifetime.

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“Sarah came into my life right at the perfect time and completely helped change my way of living. Through her book and study group she gave me the tools and skills I needed for a self care practice. Something I was lacking from my life. Working through past trauma and having a daily meditation practice I was able to connect my mind, body, heart and spirit. ”
Abbey Colley

Work With Sarah

Heal Your Body, Mind, and Spirit. Set the Stage for Transformation.

All people deserve a life of freedom and emotional well-being. My protocols offer a step-by-step path to remove blocks and old patterns of self-sabotage, anxiety, and inner chaos. I go beyond academic perspectives on health and wellness to help you achieve deeply integrated personal, emotional, and spiritual health.

The hardest part of changing the course of your life is making the decision. If you’re here, the process has already started! I’m here to help you build practice to sustain it. Once the practice has been established, the lessons flood in naturally. Once they do, I help people interpret these lessons and support them in finding tools that allow them to become their own healers… Empowered forces for transformation in their own lives and beyond.


Tap your talent. Experience breakthroughs on your toughest blockers. Learn to love who you are AND who you are becoming. A 9 month personal growth program that takes you and a small group of peers through a proven process of self-discovery and transformation.


The Tribe Inside is an online membership community—a gathering place to stay in the conversation of self-care and a platform to further harness the power of self-healing. Deepen your practice of sacred self-care while meeting like-hearted others on a similar journey to yours.

Private Sessions

As a life coach for women with decades of experience, I find most are best helped through my group program. Still, there are those who might want private coaching. Or simply want to go deeper after completing the main program. I offer private coaching in these select cases.

“Thank you Sarah for helping me make this shift in my life, I will forever be grateful to you for making me feel accepted on this journey. Thank you for sharing the real-life stuff that can make us run and hide instead your words carry me in my darkest times. ”
Erica Friedman

About Your Teacher

Author & Holistic Coach for Women

I’m Sarah Brassard, a holistic personal and spiritual coach and author.

I inspire women to change old habits, create a new infrastructure for healing and growth, and learn to reign over the inconsistent and cruel messaging that so often pours forth from the inner voices of those in need of healing. These break-throughs allow for an unwavering, gratifying, and sustainable life-long practice.

My programs bring consistency, focus, and dedication that support a lifetime of inner empowerment. Once the foundation is in place, your life will take a different course, no longer stuck in the fog of trauma and a cycle of endless suffering.

“Sarah’s wisdom extends far beyond her academic and professional knowledge of health and wellness and healing from mental and physical distress and imbalances. Her depth of understanding the fascinating and complex interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit is superior”
Rosemary T.
Ready to Move From a Place of Struggle Toward, Peace, Balance, and Happiness?

Achieve Deep Personal, Emotional, And Spiritual Health

I help women change habits that keep them stuck in self-sabotage by guiding them to build a new infrastructure to support them on a lifelong path of self-discovery and growth. This robust learning experience establishes consistency, focus, and curiosity to help them secure lasting inner peace and empowerment. Life will take a different course once this new self-healing foundation is in place.

Once you establish this foundation, you will manifest, create, and grow in profound ways. As complex and challenging as it is to stay on course with this type of self-learning, the bounty is abundant, which becomes evident early in the journey as you unfold the complexities of your life.

The work we do together will inspire a heroic approach to self-discovery and transformation. I can’t wait to see where it takes you!


A Better Way Of Living

Imagine if all your needs were met? What would you be doing in your life? You are adventurous, courageous, spirited, and hungry to live grounded in the truth. I’m here to help that feeling blossom. To help you affirm and build on these powerful truths. To help you see that YES, you are responsible to YOU first and foremost. My book and programs are built on a foundation of self-love coaching. We’ll build a self-love practice that connects you with your inner being and deepest truth so you can start to envision your authentic life from a place of clarity and purpose.


Your Own Healer

You’ve been tossed around in your life and the lingering pain of living life by the seat of your pants makes you feel burdened. Maybe you were betrayed. Lost a loved one. Maybe it goes back all the way to neglect and abuse in childhood. Or maybe you’re dealing with a health crisis or chronic pain and it has all become TOO MUCH. The work we’ll do together will allow you to courageously look straight into the eyes of your greatest fears. To illuminate what controls your moods and experiences, your original wounds. We will do this together. You are not alone. You can become your own greatest healer.


Your Authentic Self

I am here to help shake you free from unconscious daily habits that keep you stuck in patterns of self-betrayal and self-sabotage that disconnect you from your authentic self. Once we lay the groundwork for self-love and inner healing, you will discover a spaciousness and clarity that make way for a deep inner knowing. By cultivating groundedness, inner belonging, bravery, and a love for the process of living, you will build a connection with your own truth and authentic self. With the foundation of inner healing in place, your state of being will shift from one of mere surviving to one of thriving.

In short...

I help women change old habits, create a new infrastructure for personal healing and empowerment, and stay in a life-long practice that brings joy and meaning.

How do I help manifest these?

I support women in finding tools and cultivating habits and mindsets that help them to become their own healers and empowered forces in the world.

Just a few of the tools I offer you on this journey:

I wrote a book and companion journal on self-healing, to guide the process of inner healing from trauma, anxiety, and historical wounds.

I created a private community of self-healers, committed to doing the personal work of their lives. I guide them through curated conversations that inspire hope and empowerment. As a community, we are ready to support, uplift, and be held accountable as we journey together. 

And I offer a group coaching program to guide women on a journey of emotional and spiritual healing (and private coaching for a select few who can benefit most deeply from the direct work)

The hardest part of changing the course of your life is making the decision—you’ve already started! 

My book and programs are here to help you turn that decision into practice. Once you do, the lessons you need will blossom forth. My community and I are here to help you interpret those lessons. So many subtle distinctions come up for people as they soften and open and become vulnerable to making changes. Often, my work, in the beginning, involves helping them understand that they deserve to be seen and heard and that whatever comes through in this learning arises to help them heal, transform, and thrive.

Much of my healing work involves cultivating practices of presence and embodiment that help people find an authentic experience of themselves

Many of the people I support don’t have a truthful sense of who they are. They have been pleasing others for so long that they have no idea what it is they need or how to access that inner longing. Instead of the inner longing calling to them lovingly, it screams at them now because it has been ignored for so long. This is the good and the bad news: it is the final attempt at getting someone’s attention. This separation between the heart and the Self imprints a chronic ache that creates dis-ease and disorder in a person’s life. My job is to help them find and heal this reconnection.

One of the most potent forces for this inner healing is an interpersonal connection with kindred spirits. To tap this force, I create communities of like-minded people, through programs like The Tribe Inside community and my group coaching program

This is a big part of my business. I love to collaborate and support people in finding one another. People doing this type of deep work depend on the teacher, guide, coach as the only resource and lean on them in huge ways. I feel it is vital to set them to sail as soon as possible. Help them test their new superpowers through conversation, activities, and practicums (real-life applications where they experiment with family, friends, and coworkers and come back to talk to us about it.

I help my community manifest, steward, and build a legacy. This is the exciting part. When people have a dedicated practice in place, the world opens up to them. There are many of these people in my programs. They have been on a committed path for years and teach us through their actions what it is like to walk this determined path of self-healing.

Maybe you got here because you’re looking for an anxiety coach. A confidence coach. A spiritual coach. 

What you’ve found is a wholeness coach. An I-am-enough coach.

A guide to help you uncover the truth that the same wondrous force of creation powering life exists within you, even if as a smoldering ember. I’m here to help you nurture that ember into an inner fire, to light up the fullness of being partly hidden in your inner shadow, to create a presence and fullness that can bring forth a brilliant light into your life and beyond.

Are you ready? Let’s nurture that fire together. 

With love,

More Community Love

Here’s Some More of What My Clients, Readers, and Community Members Say About What I Offer

“Inside” is an illuminating and transformative book for anyone who wants to start a meditation practice or learn more about self-care. It’s a book to share with friends and reread, especially valuable in these troubled times. With practical advice, tips and inspiration for all stages of your life, it’s a book I’ll be reading again and again!”
Heather Fields
“From the moment I came across Sarah on her social posts, there was an instant connection. She is wise, inspirational, and supportive of soul seekers in search of truths. Having collaborated with her was a wonderful experience and one I’m so grateful for. Her superpower is to cut through the noise and deliver clear thoughtful tools to help you grow and evolve. Thank you Sarah, you are a beacon of light.”
Bernie Lee
“My journey continued when Sarah introduced her book, Inside, and developed a program that supported me in looking inside, something I had not felt safe doing in many years. I learned to breathe, accept my feelings and become a peaceful observer. Now when I feel a reaction coming on that may not be supportive or healthy, I walk away and breathe until I am able to respond instead of react.”
Donna Spatidol

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