Come back home to yourself…

When trauma hits, we suddenly feel unwelcome in our own skin. It rattles our interior landscape. The body we once called home is no longer safe for us. So, we leave ourselves for the sake of self-preservation.
I’m Sarah Brassard. My work is to help you craft and commit to a devotional practice of sacred self-care so that you feel at home again in yourself.

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You’ve begun your sacred self-care practice…

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Inside Roundtable Discussions are an opportunity to connect with Sarah, to discuss any challenges that have come up, and take your self-care to the next level.  Join Sarah and friends in gently powerful conversations to support your sustained self-care practice.

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“I met Sarah following the sudden loss of my husband, a loss that left myself and our two young children struggling to cope with our grief. This program helped me navigate life during those difficult years and continues to help me thrive today. Sarah’s program, which embraces self care, and has helped me establish a consistent meditation practice and has enabled me to be my best self, as a mother, daughter, friend and colleague. Truly life changing..”

Amy Szep

“I have truly never seen so many activities and inspirations for doing this work organized into one place like I have experienced with Sarah’s book, Inside.  I could spend years going back and working on just one paragraph of what she communicates. Having Sarah’s support as a coach has helped me stay honest and accountable to myself as I go through this work.  It is obvious that she has incredible intuition and wisdom as a healer.”

Danielle Boland

“I walked into Sarah’s Kundalini yoga class absolutely not knowing what to expect. I was searching for something and didn’t really know what but found this practice which connected me to  my body, mind and soul.

My journey continued when Sarah introduced her book, Inside, and developed a program that supported me in looking inside, something I had not felt safe doing in many years.

I learned to breathe, accept my feelings and become a peaceful observer. Now when I feel a reaction coming on that may not be supportive or healthy, I walk away and breathe until I am able to respond instead of react.

Inside- A Guide to the Resources Within is a gem, a blueprint, a compass I use daily to navigate life’s inevitable trials we all face.”

Donna Spatidol

“Sarah Brassard is a Spiritual Warrior.  I’ve known Sarah for 30 years.  She is someone who has spent her life doing the work required to heal from the inside out.  All along the way Sarah has shared her knowledge and helped as many people as possible through her programs, book, personal coaching and yoga classes.  I’ve witnessed her courage and strength in owning her “stuff” in order to create true happiness and joy in her life.  I describe Sarah as someone who truly walks her walk.  She is an innovator and is willing to experiment with any healing modality available. Sarah brings integrity, humanity and laugh out loud humor to all of her endeavors.”

Laura Biggers

“Sarah came into my life right at the perfect time and completely helped change my way of living.  Through her book and study group she gave me the tools and skills I needed for a self care practice. Something I was lacking from my life.  Working through past trauma and having a daily meditation practice I was able to connect my mind, body, heart and spirit.  Sarah’s book Inside has become my “bible” and I’m forever grateful”

Abby Colley

“My work with Sarah began almost two years ago.  I entered her first self-care program after my husband was struck by a car and severe trauma struck my life.  Sarah’s program gave me the tools I needed to begin a consistent meditation practice and led me on a self-care journey of healing after trauma.  I continue to work with Sarah one-on-one securing the practice and putting the tools in place to heal my spirit and get to a place of peace with who I am and what I truly want.  Without her program and support I do not believe I could have managed to support my family or myself through this horrific life experience.

I am forever grateful.”

Margaret O'Donnell


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