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Movement meets mindfulness. Call on yoga to keep your spine supple, awaken your body, engage your senses, and create a direct line to your inner life.


Kundalini Yoga for a Youthful Spine

The number one secret to staying youthful is to keep your spine supple. A healthy spine slows down aging significantly. The spine is an indicator of health and balance. When it is strong, lengthened, and flexible, the benefits can be seen on a physical, mental, and … read more

Yoga in Real Life

Lately, I’ve had some major reminders of how different upheavals feel when living a life grounded in yoga. There is nothing like a full moon to flush out the circumstances in my life that are no longer working. Not every full moon has this… read more

My Path to Ayurveda Through Kundalini Yoga

Serendipitous is the first word that comes to mind when I think about my path to Ayurveda. About seven or eight years ago, I was invited by my dear friend, Karen Cerato, to attend a Kundalini yoga class in Hollis, NH. She said, “Please come with me. My neighbor and close … read more

Yoga Changed My Life

Yoga was the key to a door I didn’t know was locked. When I first went to yoga, I looked at it as just another form of exercise to try out. (This was years before it reached the ubiquitous popularity it has today!) It was another fad to investigate as I began to tackle the… read more

How to Let Go of Old Worn-Out Habits

How can we change habits that no longer serve us? We meditate. I learned how to meditate as part of my Kundalini yoga practice. In the Kundalini tradition, we follow through with a practice for 40, 90, or 120 days. Each of these numbers has a … read more

Finding Inner Calm — Meditation for a Calm Heart

Finding inner calm gives us a strong foundation for healing. Inner calm offers us a resting place, and when we establish that place inside ourselves, we bring equilibrium to our mind, which prepares us for life in the best ways possible. While it might seem … read more

Celebrate Summer Solstice

4 Great Ways to Tap into Your Potential and Manifest Your Dreams. I am so excited to celebrate Summer Solstice this year … gathering friends, creating great meals, and standing by a campfire on the beach to welcome the longest light day of … read more