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Inner Healing & Personal Growth Coach

Reconnecting to the Younger Version of You: A letter to myself

Hi there. 

I am Sarah, and I am excited to write to you today. 

You might be thinking, but Sarah, we already know who you are. 

Well, this is “the other Sarah”… 

It’s nice to meet you. I am Sarah D., Sarah B’s marketing strategist. If you’ve been to our fireside chats, you’ve seen me facilitate these events over the past few months. I have been honored to work with Sarah since October 2023, and throughout our working relationship, I’ve also been on my own healing journey. 

Wow, what a process it’s been. 

Like you, I look to Sarah B. and her wisdom. She is the guide I’ve longed to meet, and I am so glad to have her in my life. 

Today, I am sharing a musing with you that I wrote. As someone still picking up the pieces and trying to put the puzzle back together again, sharing this story with you is a great privilege, as I know so many of you are feeling similar feelings.

Here goes one of the first-ever dialogues between me and my young self, my inner child. 

I’ve opened the door. I invite you in and warmly embrace you. This is me, just a younger, more delicate version. She asks for my love, tenderness, and soft touch. 

Her path has been broken and bruised, but she’s here now. I can help her know that we are safe. I am here to guide her into peace and salvation. 

The pieces of her trauma creep into the present moment. This trauma is ignited by stress, anxiety, hurt, and trying times. I know she’s there because I see her… she shows herself to me during these times. Whether I like it or not, this is how I know she is there, and her presence helps me understand her more. I feel her in my thoughts, feelings, and reactions to situations that feel beyond my control. I can feel this stream of energy rushing through her as if we are one. 

Right now, this feels uncomfortable, but I hope it will feel better as we grow together. 

It’s a disconnected feeling… almost as though she’s a stranger, but not. I know who she is, but I don’t truly know her yet… but I’m ready to find out. 

Throughout the past year, I’ve worked to build a relationship with the younger Sarah D. The more I learn, the more I KNOW myself. Know us..and that right there is the greatest fucking gift. 

But it has taken some time. I wasn’t always willing to meet her and see her pain again. I have stuffed away the fragile feelings for years, but they creep in without my knowing, and this is when I know that the desperate feelings are a longing inside of me to reconnect with this tender part of myself, my young self. 

With each baby step I take toward her rather than away from her, I know her and can make her feel seen, heard, and tenderly loved in every moment. This makes me feel more connected to my center, being, and soul than ever before. What an experience that is. I know I can heal anything now that I have connected to that energy. 

Right now, it may seem like everything is falling apart… like pieces of my life are being swept away from the puzzle that has made me whole. Healing is hard, but I know if I take it slowly and nurture the frightened parts of our being, my inner child will come through.

We are seeking. We wouldn’t be here if you weren’t hoping for inner peace and connection. We are ready to feel whole. 

We are ready to listen.

Take the call. 

As we close out, I want to share something Sarah B. taught me through her book Inside. 

Reconnecting with our inner child means reawakening our inner child… the one who had to leave her innocence and safety behind to become the protector, the hyper-vigilant version of herself. Her trauma took her spontaneity, imagination, trust in herself, and the freedom that she felt. We want her to feel that again—without the trauma, loss, tragedy, and shame… 

We can heal through our deepest sadnesses. We can rewrite our story, hold ourselves in forgiveness, compassion, and love, and find our way through the disorder. 

When we can turn a tragic event into one filled with opportunities for growing, learning, and eventual healing… This is where the shifts start to happen. 

To cultivate the strength to turn a sad story into an inspiring one that encompasses empowerment and compassion, we help others know hope through us. This healing encourages a reawakening, to come out of the protective walls that once helped us cope but no longer helped us grow. Once this happens, our younger self is encouraged to take part in our lives again, and life begins to flow freely.  

Our younger selves need constant reminders to feel safe and protected, as fear covers everything that makes us feel this way. To my young self, I give you this practice from Sarah B’s book. 

Safe Haven Meditation

As you move through the different stages of healing to reconnect and reawaken your younger self, I encourage you not to fear the feelings that once were tucked away deep inside. Instead, I encourage you to feel through them. Whether that is anxiety, fear, stress, or imbalances in life, come to your safe haven and work your way through these feelings—do your best to hold them as soon they will save the most precious relationship you have, the one you have with yourself. 

For more practices and healing comfort like this, please visit Sarah B’s book, Inside, to continue your journey within. 

Thank you for being here, bright soul. 

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