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How an Injured Bird Sparked Deep Reflections

My Summer Solstice energy started with a broken little bird. 🌞

Some chores understandably get put off, and cleaning the garage and sorting through the basement is one of them.  But this past weekend, we decided to tackle it. The beautiful New England weather was on our side, with temperatures around 78 degrees, a light breeze, and a sky colored with an incredible indigo blue. 

In the middle of our sorting, David went to grab something outside when I heard him call me over urgently. “Come here! There’s a bird with broken legs and wings, and I don’t know what to do with her.”

I approached the stone wall where the tiny, injured bird lay, her struggle evident. She used all her strength to push herself into a crevice beneath one of the rocks. Her little body moved up and down with each breath, and she tucked her head into the wall—perhaps to protect herself or to find solace in her vulnerability.

Unsure of what to do, we let nature take its course. However, we couldn’t set her plight aside easily. We kept circling back to check on her, worried and hopeful. It was heartbreaking to see her frail body quiver, knowing she was fighting so hard to survive.

I woke early for meditation the following day, around 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. Peeking out the window in the dim light, I couldn’t make out the bird’s body. Filled with unease, I completed my meditation and went outside as dawn broke. There she was, still breathing, still battling against the odds.

Approaching her carefully, I spoke softly, attempting to soothe her with gentle words. “We’re going to take care of you, little bird,” I promised, though I wasn’t sure how.

David and I were both distraught. Around 6:30 or 7:00 a.m., we decided to call Wild Care Rescue. I was skeptical, expecting them to dismiss our concern over “just a little bird,” but the woman on the phone was genuinely concerned. Her tone filled me with hope, and she reassured us that someone would come to help as soon as possible. But nature’s urgency had no patience, and she asked if we could place the bird in a box with a linen cover to calm it. At the end of the call, she said some of the dearest words I have ever heard, “Thank you for caring.”

David gently picked up the bird, placed her in the box, and took her to the Wild Care Rescue Center. After hanging up the phone, I felt a swell of emotion—a blend of hope, sadness, and a renewed sense of connection to the world around me. Tears filled my eyes.

By the time David reached Wild Care, they wasted no time tending to the little bird. They fed her, and she ate—a promising sign. David called me, his voice filled with cautious optimism, “The little bird ate.”

Surprised by my emotional depth, I replied, “That’s such a great sign. If she were dying, she likely wouldn’t eat. She has a chance.”

So why did this experience stir such deep emotions in me? As I reflected, I realized it wasn’t just about the bird. Witnessing such a fragile, pure creature fighting for its life touched a chord deep within me. It was a stark reminder of the vulnerability that exists in all living things and the shared responsibility we have to care for one another. The bird’s survival symbolized hope and connection, reminding me of the strength and resilience found in the most unexpected places.

As we celebrate the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, June 20th, may it symbolize our capacity for light and renewal. 

We are all threads in the same intricate tapestry of life, and every small act of kindness we extend to others can strengthen this fabric. This weekend served as a powerful reminder that empathy and compassion can uplift our spirits and those around us, regardless of their size. We all need someone to look out for us, to believe in our resilience and ability to heal. And sometimes, it’s the tiniest among us that teach the most profound lessons.

Thanks for being here, bright Spirit!✨

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