It is about this time each year that change starts to sneak in. The light begins to wane, and the temperature swings a bit wider between hot and cold.  Change is in the air. I can feel it in my environment, but I can also feel it in my life too. I’m looking at summer in my rearview mirror. I am programmed to feel sad about summer’s exit, after all, who wants to let the warmth, the greenery and the sounds of nature go, but this year, I am ready.  It is just about now that I can feel my energy pulling back, replicating nature’s wisdom to slow down.  Mother earth reminds me that now is the time to return to the quiet practices of my inner world processing all the activity and opportunity of the warm months.  IMG_4256
Summer is a time when nature calls to me. We live near the ocean, at the head of a marsh that is home to more birds, animals and sea life than I can name. It vibrates with activity and is framed by grass, trees, and flowers that thrive in the wetland. The color green is alive and fills my energy with its dynamic passion; I don’t only see it, but I feel it too, and it awakens me. In the summer my spirit dances in celebration of all the abundance that surrounds me.  I tend to gardens, walk my dogs, mow the grass and spend generous amounts of time with those I love.
Nature teaches me about the natural flow of life and there is no reason to relearn something that works so well. This year I bid farewell to summer with appreciation.  Soon, I will release this intimate connection with mother earth while she sleeps and restores herself.  I am given the same advice, take time to quiet your senses and rededicate yourself to the tender parts of your spirit that you can only hear when you are still.