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Take Control of Your Mind and Your Life

Use this e-book and collection of guided practices to take control of your mind, your everyday experience, and the trajectory of your life:

  • Discover wisdom, insights, and strategies to build awareness and positive momentum
  • Access guided practices like journal prompts, meditation videos, and breathing exercises to unlock this personal power
  • Learn the most essential wisdom and practices Sarah discovered through years and trial and error working heal her trauma and take control of her mind and life

The hardest part of changing the course of your life is making the decision.

The second hardest part? 

Finding the tools, knowledge, and support to create that change—and sustaining it through the hardships and demands of life, the tumult of the times, and our many roles, as parents, children, siblings, friends, employees… 

The list goes on…

My free guide and collection of curated practices, “Ride the Storm: Practices for Awareness and Positive Personal Change” will help you discover the reason and the means to care for and commit to yourself in a way that sticks. You’ll also:

“From the moment I came across Sarah on her social posts, there was an instant connection. She is wise, inspirational, and supportive of soul seekers in search of truths. Having collaborated with her was a wonderful experience and one I’m so grateful for. Her superpower is to cut through the noise and deliver clear thoughtful tools to help you grow and evolve. Thank you Sarah, you are a beacon of light.”
Bernie Lee
Former Student, Friend, and Collaborator
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