Inner Healing & Personal Growth Coach for Women
Inner Healing & Personal Growth Coach for Women

Awaken the healer inside

Ready to Gain the Power of Inner Healing?

Learn tools and practices that will heal your life forever—and set you on a path of authenticity, service, and love for life in all its fullness. Get intuitive mentoring to connect with your deepest self, distill your inner wisdom, heal your deepest wounds, and learn to love yourself for who you are AND for who you will become.

Join this transformative, 9-month intimate group program of inner healing, personal growth, and self-love coaching

Become an empowered force in your life and beyond.

Program enrollment now closed.

The next cohort is tentatively scheduled to start November 6, 2023. Join the waitlist to get first notice when enrollment reopens.

Curious about pricing, payment & scholarship options? Get all the details in the FAQ section below.

“It's probably the greatest gift I've ever given to myself... A year later, I feel a real sense of enlightenment. I feel much more confident and grounded than I did a year ago.”
Tracey Fraser

Let’s be REAL

You’re tired…

Of feeling no relationship to yourself—your worth, truth, inspirations, purpose, or dreams.

Of bearing the weight of stress and anxiety and looking for anything to ease the suffering.

Of struggling—with addiction, compulsion, or negative core beliefs that keep you repeating the same distructive habits again and again.

Of the feeling that you JUST CAN’T seem to fix things, to follow through on a plan of action to make your life better. To make your life YOUR OWN.

You’ve been tossed around in your life and the lingering pain of living life by the seat of your pants makes you feel burdened. Maybe you were betrayed. Lost a loved one. Maybe it goes back all the way to neglect and abuse in childhood. Or maybe you’re dealing with a health crisis or chronic pain and it has all become TOO MUCH.

You want to feel better. To BE better. For yourself and those you love. But you can’t shake the feeling that you’re not enough. Deep down in the core of your being.

But, RESIST THAT FEELING—you are enough. Say it with me: “I AM ENOUGH”. There is no deficit. 

And yet, there IS in each of us unrealized light, unfulfilled potential. 

How do we reveal who we are, beautiful and flawed, good enough exactly as we are, yet full of belief in who we could become?

I’m here to help you not only answer that question, but to LIVE the answer. To integrate the learning, reframe your lack mentality, unblock the energetic flow that will create abundance and raise your worth to align with your true value.

If you resonate with what you’ve read so far, there’s probably a little piece of you who knows these things too…

You are a brilliant, motivated person. You have a kind  heart, perhaps philanthropic dreams that are grounded in your own healing. Your trauma was significant, but you have done a lot to heal. You know that just because you feel stuck right now doesn’t mean you haven’t made progress.

You play big and want to do whatever you can to grow. In fact, you probably feel it is your personal responsibility to heal through this, for those you love. And you know deep down you will.

You are adventurous, courageous, spirited, and hunger to live grounded in the truth.

I’m here to help that feeling blossom and take you to new heights. To help you affirm and build on these powerful truths. To help you see that YES, you are responsible to heal through this—for YOU, first and foremost.

To help free you from unconscious daily habits that keep you stuck in patterns of self-betrayal, disconnected from your authentic self. 

Are you ready to begin that work together?

Our work will start by concentrating on themes of awareness, focus, and consistency in order to break through old habits and develop a steady and sustainable practice. 

This is a process of self-awareness and accountability. In private sessions,  I’ll act as the observer for you as you build the strength and perspective to connect with the most fragile parts of who you are. 

This is a process of radical courage.

No more running from your inner shadow. 

The work we’ll do here will allow you to courageously look straight into the eyes of your greatest fears. To illuminate what controls your moods and experiences, your original wounds. We will do this together. You are not alone.

It’s time… To grow your self-worth, own your shadow, reclaim your authenticity, and become a more integrated and empowered person.

Once we bring your shadows into the light, they’ll no longer hold power over you. 

That’s when you can work with them. 

And that’s how you’ll not only heal. That’s how you will answer the question of who you are meant to become with action, with strength, with purpose.

When you’ve completed this program, you’ll have daily actions and reflections to help you remember who you are and why you’re here.

Let’s start that journey of discovery.

With love,

Have questions about the start date, how to join, pricing, or payment options?
See the answers to these and other questions in the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

“Sarah came into my life right at the perfect time and completely helped change my way of living. Through her book and study group she gave me the tools and skills I needed for a self care practice. Something I was lacking from my life. Working through past trauma and having a daily meditation practice I was able to connect my mind, body, heart and spirit. ”
Abbey Colley

Become Your Own Healer

Tap Your Talent. Experience Breakthroughs on Your Toughest Blockers. Learn to Love Who You Are AND Who You’re Becoming.

Are you ready to prioritize your personal learning? To liberate your life—emotionally, physically, and spiritually? If so, you are in the right place and nothing will hold you back from that inner quest, nothing! To get the work started, schedule your Personal Strategy Session:

Program enrollment now closed.

“I'd say for anybody considering Awaken the Healer Inside and you're willing to make the commitment financially and spiritually and physically, you should do it. It was a great experience for me. And I've come out much better on the other side.”
Mary Guy
Are You Ready for

A Personal Transformation?

It’s time. Claim your freedom from unconscious daily habits that keep you stuck in patterns of self-betrayal, disconnecting you from your authentic self.

You ARE Ready!

To Embrace Your Brilliance, Cultivate Your Power, and Learn What it Means to LIVE AND LOVE LIFE

So let’s start. Our job together is to help you find the strength and courage to become your own healer. To nurture your body, mind, heart, and spirit back to love, and back to life. From what I’ve seen, if I do my job (and you do yours), the circumstances will take care of themselves.

You’ve had some battles. You’ve tried a lot of different things in order to heal. You’ve become hopeful, and then elated, and then disappointed and confused before starting the vicious cycle over again.

It’s so easy to get trapped focusing on outcomes . . .

We want the thing to happen (or not to happen) so we can become whole and happy again. We do the dance and jump through the hoops to get the universe to conform to our commands. We perform them perfectly.

And then, it happens . . .

The thing we didn’t want.

I’ve been there.

Which is why I’ve adopted an entirely different professional approach…

End Self-Sabotage

We will help you shift from your own worst enemy to your own best friend by establishing a clear vision of your life and uncovering sources of unconscious self-sabotage.

Shift Your Reality

It all starts inside. To change your reality, we will shift your mindset from that of a victim to that of an self-healer empowered with self-awareness, community, and self-care practices.

Live in Truth

You’ll learn to speak with integrity and say only what is truthful in your heart. It starts with getting in touch with that inner truth and building trust in your intuition.

A Fire Within

You’ll soon discover a burning interest in creating a self-care practice that will pave the way for lifelong health and wellbeing.

Momentum in Growth

Soon, you’ll have a dedicated daily practice in place and learn how to grow by experimenting with your habits and practices to get to the next level.

Trust in Yourself

You’ll finally know what it feels like to trust yourself enough to take risks that advance your work and communication with playfulness and integrity.

You CAN be rid of the vicious cycles and replace them with virtuous cycles.

Have questions about the start date, how to join, pricing, or payment options?
See the answers to these and other questions in the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Let’s Own the Pain

So It Stops Owning Us

Is this how you’re living?
  • Immobilized by dependency? Deactivated self-worth? Living outside the light of YOUR truth?
  • Repetitive patterns of self-sabotage that keep you stuck?
  • Chronic pain, exhaustion, hopelessness, or loneliness?
  • An inability to commit to learning and practicing systems of self-care and growth?
  • Struggles with compulsive soothing or outright addiction in response to stress and anxiety?
  • A breakdown in your health and the feeling that life is falling apart ? Panicked at the idea of living the rest of your life this way?
Be honest, even though it’s uncomfortable. Is any of this true for you?

No wonder you’re suffering. I’ve been there.
And I have good news. You don’t have to stay there.

Let’s Envision A Better Way of Being

Imagine How It Would Feel To:

  • Build a deep connection with your authentic self and inner truth
  • Learn tools, systems, and ways of seeing to simplify your world
  • Value your time, your emotions, and your resources
    Become inspired to create, to connect, to learn
  • Bring steady joy to your daily life, personally and professionally
  • Discover a “mystical union” with life and fall in love with the journey
    Remember who you are and how exquisitely you’re evolving along the way
STOP here for a second. Read through that again. Close your eyes. Take a moment to really absorb. Now really answer for yourself—how would that feel?
This Is Exactly Why I Created the

Awaken the Healer Inside

Group Coaching Program

A system of intuitive mentoring to distill your wisdom, gain the power to become your own inner healer . . . While creating space to go beyond healing to self-actualization and empowerment by helping you fall in love with your true self as you are AND with your vision for who you could become. In short, a powerful force for good within your own life and beyond.

Program starts November 2023 📆

Have questions about how to join, pricing, or payment options? See the answers to these and other questions in the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Awaken the Healer Inside is a 9 month, personal growth coaching program that takes you and a small group of peers through a proven process of self-discovery and transformation. This work will help you unblock, reprogram, and expand your self-worth. Upon completing this program, you will have a strong experience of your most perfect, whole, and authentic self. And through that experience, become magnetic, empowered to create a life of abundance and happiness that resonates with your authentic being.

So, how about we

Wave "Goodbye” to:

And instead

Make Space for:

Sound Good? Then It’s Time to Empower the Healer Within You!

Have questions about the start date, how to join, pricing, or payment options?
See the answers to these and other questions in the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

“Completing awakening the healer impact my life as well as my family's life. I have learned from the many tools and exercises to be more responsible for myself, to have gratitude and take time to meditate before responding or reacting. I believe I am kinder to myself and more compassionate, and I am so grateful for this learning experience that I will carry with me forever.”
Christine Roberge-Psaute

Become Your Own Healer

Tap Your Talent. Experience Breakthroughs on Your Toughest Blockers. Learn to Love Who You Are AND Who You’re Becoming.

Are you ready to prioritize your personal learning? To liberate your life—emotionally, physically, and spiritually? If so, you are in the right place and nothing will hold you back from that inner quest, nothing! To get the work started, schedule your Personal Strategy Session:

Program enrollment now closed.

“My favorite part of the Awaken the Healer program was really the connection that I had with all the other, women and participants in the group. It was just a place to really share and feel real safe and supported.”
Margaret O'Donnell

Still Want to Know More?

I Love That About You!

The best way to get a feel for me and the program is to get on the waitlist to get first notice when registrations reopen. Yet, you still may have a hunger for more detail or burning questions you want answered before taking that step. I completely understand! Here are a few more details you may be curious about…

"Give It to Me Straight"

You Can Always Count on Me For That!

Maybe you’re wondering—What’s Included? How Exactly Does This Work? What do I get? Great questions! Understanding my vision for my students’ future and the outcomes I designed this program for are great. But if you are looking for a tangible sense of how we’ll achieve that together, here are some specifics.

Bi-Monthly Group Calls with Sarah

Our sessions together include a mix of content, always starting with teachings and guidance on the month’s theme. Other session content will vary from “Heard” sessions where we lend our ears to select members’ experiences, to specialized training, to group self-check-in sessions.

This means we’ll meet at least 2x per month (and 4x if you join each open office hours session)—sometimes more, for special activities including guest expert sessions. Bring your questions, your struggles, your wins, and your specific needs!

With open office hours, you also get a dedicated block of time twice a month to get personal support from me and this curated group of like-minded peers. Get advice on tools and strategies or get feedback on specific challenging life events.

All calls will be recorded and stored on the member site for lifetime access.

The Support of Like-Minded Peers

Your network is everything. Connect and collaborate with a cohort of like-minded individuals. I’m specifically curating this group of fellow self-healers with mindful intention. The best results come from consistency and accountability.

We’ll train you how to build a rock-solid foundation for your healing and growth. And you’ll have the support of a small tribe of people who’ll be on this journey with you every step of the way.

Curious About The Curriculum?

What follows is an outline of the journey we’ll take, creating the basis for a strong and sustaining sacred self-care practice that you’ll take with you for the long run…

You’ve acknowledged that there is pain in your life, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. We’ll uncover the source of your wounds and the places inside where you hide the shadow, so you can finally heal through the pain and disorder. By the end of this month, you have stopped looking for ways to avoid it, disregard it, and run from it. You are now ready to learn how to grow from it and feel better.

We move forward now, together…

You are ready to venture out and navigate your way forward on an open-ended trail of personal growth. There are so many possibilities! And it is this excitement for what may come that will override any discomfort that might arise in you along the way.

We fondly call this starting point “the beginner’s mind”. You can bring your beginner’s mind to any new experience. With it, opportunities are infinite. We’ll cultivate this mindset to create space for sustainable, joyful growth.

The smallest step in the direction of change is a positive step. Wanting things to be different is hopeful but not enough. Setting out to change the environment of your life is vitally important to making a shift that sticks. So, that’s where we’ll direct our attention next – to little ways you can shape your environment, both inner and outer, to foster your success.

Sometimes we are good at guiding ourselves toward happiness and sometimes we falter. Sometimes, we outright sabotage our own efforts. In order for us to learn from anyone else, we have to learn to be guided by our own compass first. We’ll work to challenge the voices that undercut our truth in order to get in touch with our authentic self and the intuitive wisdom it has about who we are and how we should live.

Healing doesn’t unfold along a predictable timetable of progress. This is an adventure that you will be on for the rest of your life. To get where you want to be, you must let go of the desire to get to some future state in order to be happy. You must truly see the transformative process as a grand adventure. Once you have that mindset, you can let go of the pressure to “succeed” according to some predefined template and stay open to what appears going forward in your life.

The forgiveness journey transforms you. When we hold on to anger, it resonates within and without our being, polluting our reality. For some, it may be a very subtle undertone of feeling and for others far more apparent. Any amount of unresolved hurt eventually will affect you and those around you. We’ll work to build a deep awareness that to live with forgiveness is to live in truth: the truth that we’ve all been hurt and all hurt others, and that the only way to break the cycle and empower a better reality is through forgiveness.

What if you had a choice in each and every moment? What if you could learn a new way of being that would help you grow out of old triggers, hurts, and reactions just by staying open instead of closing down from the pain? The truth is, you have that freedom. To act upon it, you need to take responsibility. Know that you have the choice and it is yours alone. Then, you need to build mindful awareness of the choices available to you in each moment. And an understanding of which choices are in accord with your authentic self and the strength to choose those options over destructive, patterned responses. We’ll build up the awareness, intuition, and resolve to meet these moments with intention and purpose.

“Sarah’s wisdom extends far beyond her academic and professional knowledge of health and wellness, and healing from mental and physical distress and imbalances. Her depth of understanding the fascinating and complex interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit is superior.” — Rosemary T

When panic is triggered, adrenaline rushes into our body, alerts our mind, and has us reacting to an event, consciously or subconsciously, in one way or another. Sometimes these events are worthy of immediate reaction, but oftentimes they are not. It only takes a millisecond of an anxiety response to throw the world into a tailspin. So often, we perpetuate chaos with the false belief that we must react in the moment. We’ll cultivate a deep-held belief that it’s okay, and often much better, to pause and observe. And we’ll build up our comfort with waiting, uncertainty, and simply taking in the world to make space for clarity to come and the wise action to become apparent.

It is vital to take a step back from time to time and assess how the changes you’ve made feel in your life. We’ve learned how valuable change is to healing. Without it there is no way of moving ahead on a healing path. But equally as important is the understanding of how much energy is required to sustain these changes. Not every day will be easy! You will need to be gentle with yourself, and utilizing the observer’s eye to gauge how you are doing will help you take great care of yourself as you move ahead. The success of your hard work is dependent on this knowledge.we’ll chart a path forward and work to instill the tools to make your practice resilient, adaptable, and durable.

You have come this far. Now it’s time to carry forth with your lifelong practice, get out of your head, and get deep into the flow of life. Healing can be a lonely path. This is the reason I created both the AHI Alums program and community—which we’ll bring you into upon graduating AHI—and The Tribe Inside: a Self Healer’s Circle.

In our community, we’ve created a sacred space for people around the world to support, empower and connect with one another on their healing journeys.

“I am so grateful for The Tribe Inside. It is a beautiful online portal filled with yoga and meditation classes, book studies, and education regarding nutrition, wellness, and so much more. But beyond that, the Tribe is a community. A loving, supportive community where you come to understand that everything you need for healing and contentment is already within. I’m forever grateful for Sarah and her wisdom and vision and for creating such a special space for learning and healing.” — Leigh Alberti

Your destiny is yours to shape! 

You’ll have lifetime access to the curriculum and recordings of live content from the program including the social community area for your graduating class, as well as to the Awaken The Healer Inside Alums program and community.

You can also join A Tribe Inside for more from me and and a community of empowered, empowering women like you, on the journey of a lifetime together. And you’ll have the option of working with me further in 1-on-1 coaching, which I typically reserve for AHI alumni. But neither of those is necessary!

After completing AHI, you’ll have the tools to move forward with purpose, clarity, and empowerment, ready to say “yes” to the right things at the right time and “no” to anything that doesn’t seem like it will serve you in the ways you need in the present season of life.

Have questions about the start date, how to join, pricing, or payment options?
See the answers to these and other questions in the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

About Your Teacher

Author & Holistic Coach for Women

I’m Sarah Brassard, a holistic personal and spiritual coach and author.

I inspire women to change old habits, create a new infrastructure for healing and growth, and learn to reign over the inconsistent and cruel messaging that so often pours forth from the inner voices of those in need of healing. These break-throughs allow for an unwavering, gratifying, and sustainable life-long practice.

My programs bring consistency, focus, and dedication that support a lifetime of inner empowerment. Once the foundation is in place, your life will take a different course, no longer stuck in the fog of trauma and a cycle of endless suffering.

Become Your Own Healer

Tap Your Talent. Experience Breakthroughs on Your Toughest Blockers. Learn to Love Who You Are AND Who You’re Becoming.

Are you ready to prioritize your personal learning? To liberate your life—emotionally, physically, and spiritually? If so, you are in the right place and nothing will hold you back from that inner quest, nothing! To get the work started, schedule your Personal Strategy Session:

Program enrollment now closed.

“Having Sarah’s support as a coach has helped me stay honest and accountable to myself as I go through this work. It is obvious that she has incredible intuition and wisdom as a healer”
Danielle Boland

Maybe You’re Someone Who REALLY Wants the Nitty-Gritty Details

As a Trauma Survivor (Transformed into a Thriver!) I SO Relate

Here are some answers to some other questions you might have.

While I am offering the lowest price and most extended payment plans ever for the 2023 program, it’s still a substantial investment. The price of the program today is $9,997 when paid in full, with optional payment plans including one that’s just $917/mo over 12 months.

Sound like a lot? It’s well worth it! This 9-month group coaching program (with an online social community, video resource library, lifetime access to all content and to the “AHI Alums” program, and much more) will take courage and commitment from you, me, and your peers in the process—but hold this lightly… This opportunity will take you to new heights in an exciting process we’re going to move through together!

Still on the fence about whether the investment will pay off? You’ll find answers to some more questions you might have below, in the remaining FAQs. There are also details related to the curriculum, features, as well as past participants’ testimonials here. Also note that you can secure your program with a fully refundable deposit, by initiating a monthly payment plan. You’ll then have a chance to meet with Sarah to discuss the program and make your final decision. You can also feel free to treat month one as a trial. We offer full refunds, no questions asked, through the final day of month 1 (Feb. 15).

Yes, we do! While we do ask for some level of financial commitment, we offer two generous scholarships for those who could benefit from this program but aren’t able to make the full-price program fit into their budgets. You can find scholarship information here.

The next program starts on November 2023 at 1 p.m. Eastern and will run for 9 full months (see list of session dates on our calendar below). We will take a summer break in July and conclude the program in October, before welcoming you into the AHI Alums program and community in November. The main group sessions will be at 1 p.m. Eastern on the first Monday and third Wednesday of each month. While you and the group will have the best experience if you are able to join live sessions, the sessions will be recorded and added to the member site should you need to miss one.

You can start the process by completing the application here. You will then have the option to schedule a complimentary personal AHI strategy call with me. There is no guarantee of admission by taking these steps: because I must ensure for your own sake and that of the group that every person admitted to the program is ready to do the work, I will use your workbook responses and our meeting to determine if it’s the right time for you to join this program. That said, I’ve designed the application and this complementary strategy call to ensure that no matter what we decide together, you will get value from the energy you put into this first step.

There is a way out of the pain of wasted effort and energy! A major cause of choosing the wrong programs or not committing whole-heartedly to them is Self Sabotage. This tendency is your spirit’s cry for help. When we experience this outcome over and over again we suffer deeply. This level of suffering disempowers us. This is one of the strongest messages we get from our spirit to change old agonizing behaviors. Are you ready to heed the call?

Fill ou the application then schedule your complimentary personal strategy call with me. I designed this program from this very first step, through the program itself, and into the AHI Alums group to create lasting positive change.

And I only accept to the program those who I’m confident will benefit from this transformative work. There’s no shame in not being ready right now. None of us were ready—until we were. If you are not ready, the last thing you need is a process that makes you feel unsuccessful.

Still not sure it will work? You don’t have to be sure. If you’re a “maybe” or an “I don’t know”—let’s find out together!

How much is your health, your happiness, and your wellbeing worth? This is an investment in your life. Are you ready to prioritize your personal learning? To liberate your life, emotionally, physically, and spiritually? If so, you are in the right place, and nothing will hold you back from that inner quest—nothing!

Not sure if you’re ready? Let’s find out together.

Take the first step and we will evaluate together if you’re ready for the deep work needed to Awaken The Healer Inside. When the time comes to meet and review your application, we’ll talk about what a real transformation would look like and what it will take to get there. And we’ll decide together if you’re fully prepared and committed to the work to not only heal but begin the transformative journey of a lifetime.

We punish ourselves for our inability to change behaviors that have devastating effects on our life. But in truth, what keeps us from carrying through is unconscious learned behaviors that we adopted between the ages of 0-7 years old.

When we reveal these resistances and blocks, healing begins, change happens, and we experience a freedom and success we never imagined possible.

This program is designed to help you follow through, every step of the way.

Self Sacrifice is a dangerous doctrine and as we practice this way of being it gets more persuasive and frightening, and ultimately diminishes our personal truth and humanity. We disappear, adopting others’ convictions, allowing them to override what is innately real for us. We abandon ourselves and experience the greatest loss possible, our own humanity.

For years I’ve offered 1-1 coaching and consulting sessions. I love helping people dive into their lives, reveal habits that have held them from their greatest opportunities, and craft new ones based on their deep needs, truths, values, and dreams.

This program DOES include two 75-minute private coaching sessions, yet it also offers much more than can be achieved in strictly 1-on-1 work. This confidential study group of like-minded peers allows for deep reflection and insight into topics that might otherwise not present themselves. The experiences of others allow us to evaluate situations with new perspectives and empathy.

That’s why I’ve created this collective experience. I KNOW the only way I’ve seen progress in my own life is through accountability and dedication. You get out what you put in – and the greatest successes I’ve seen with myself and with my clients come with consistency, supported and inspired not only by a respected teacher, but by peers in the process.

I love nothing more than to help someone excavate their uniqueness, their originality, the gift only they can offer the world – no one else can. And to make that distinctive characteristic shine even more- to lay the foundation needed to refine those qualities and bring them to the world.

You get the best aspects of coaching, an intensive course, and a group coaching experience rolled into one!

I do offer private coaching to just a few clients per year, with an annual commitment, and usually only to those who have completed this program. Or, in very select cases, to those who need personalized, trauma-informed coaching.

To forge new ways of being, we must prioritize our personal needs (self-care) first and foremost. Each moment we wait to prioritize our own well-being, we put off the benefit to both ourselves and others of us being our fullest, most empowered selves. Making this commitment is a powerful step toward a more peaceful, powerful self and the brighter light you can bring to the world.

Plus, for the next group (in 2023), I’m offering the lowest price I will ever offer for the program again. Next year, this program will cost $15,000. Consider the current price a one-time-only scholarship of $3,000.

As your consciousness opens up, and it will, difficult memories and blocked experiences start to bubble up. This experience can stop people from moving ahead. It takes an experienced teacher to see this is happening and offer modifications or additional practices to help nurture people to stay on this path of learning. I have this experience and my goal is to keep you going. My teachings and programs are structured to guide you through the process. And you’ll have a supportive group of peers who are right there with you on this journey.

Program Calendar

You’ve been there, done that.

You’re at an age where you’re ready to step into a place of grace, peace, and meaning. You’re not a kid anymore. You’ve lived. You’ve loved. You’ve worked. You’ve cared for so many others. And now it’s your time. This is the deepest dive you’ll ever take.

In this nine-month intensive and deeply personalized journey together, we’ll design healing tools and protocols that fit your life and bring you back home to yourself. This is where healing starts, not out there somewhere else, but inside. And until we learn how to speak and actually listen to our powerful inner voice, no healing will ever happen.

To so many who are struggling, “inside” is a scary place where they hide their shadows and fears. That’s why we’re going to start slowly, and build each courageous step together.

Let’s take the next small step, right now…

More Community Love

Here’s Some More of What My Clients, Readers, and Community Members Say About What I Offer

“Inside” is an illuminating and transformative book for anyone who wants to start a meditation practice or learn more about self-care. It’s a book to share with friends and reread, especially valuable in these troubled times. With practical advice, tips and inspiration for all stages of your life, it’s a book I’ll be reading again and again!”
Heather Fields
“From the moment I came across Sarah on her social posts, there was an instant connection. She is wise, inspirational, and supportive of soul seekers in search of truths. Having collaborated with her was a wonderful experience and one I’m so grateful for. Her superpower is to cut through the noise and deliver clear thoughtful tools to help you grow and evolve. Thank you Sarah, you are a beacon of light.”
Bernie Lee
“My journey continued when Sarah introduced her book, Inside, and developed a program that supported me in looking inside, something I had not felt safe doing in many years. I learned to breathe, accept my feelings and become a peaceful observer. Now when I feel a reaction coming on that may not be supportive or healthy, I walk away and breathe until I am able to respond instead of react.”
Donna Spatidol

Become Your Own Healer

Tap Your Talent. Experience Breakthroughs on Your Toughest Blockers. Learn to Love Who You Are AND Who You’re Becoming.

Are you ready to prioritize your personal learning? To liberate your life—emotionally, physically, and spiritually? If so, you are in the right place and nothing will hold you back from that inner quest, nothing! To get the work started, schedule your Personal Strategy Session:

The program is full and enrollment is now closed.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Awaken The Healer Inside

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Inbox Love

Inspiration and resources for inner healing and growth.

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Program enrollment now closed.

Program enrollment now closed.

Program enrollment now closed.