What does it mean to be introverted?
Does socializing and taking action recharge you? Or do you restore your battery by exploring your inner world, thoughts, feelings, and sensations? These are important questions that will help you understand more about who you are and how to best hone in on your talents.

Introversion and extroversion are two distinct characteristics, and most people have some of both. Taking time to consider where you fall on the spectrum gives you insight into who you are.

Learning where your innate tendencies reside is a valuable source of self-knowledge. Doing more of what you love and less of what drags you down makes for a happy person. Become an expert on yourself and your purpose in the world will be clear.

When you establish your personal perimeters and learn how to restore your energy, you can move beyond the restrictions of your comfort zone and grow in new and perhaps unexpected ways.

My meditation practice has given me valuable insights. I walk a fine line between introversion and extroversion and that my restore and reset needs are completely reliant on the time I spend alone. I need to honor my introverted tendencies to be at my best. This is what fills my tank.

The following exercises will help you grow knowledge of who you are. No one will ever know you better than you!

  1. Start a meditation practice. Meditation helps you become an expert on who you are. Meditation will flush out your likes and dislikes. This is important information. It is from this place that you bring clarity to your life. Find your passion and pursue it with devotion and humility.
  2. Keep track of your feelings and write them down. Journaling is a powerful tool that helps you slow down and process what comes up in your mind. Through journaling, you start to make sense of fleeting emotions and open windows to your life that you didn’t realize were closed.
  3. Practice gratitude. What are you most grateful for? Bring your attention to the positive aspects of your life. Offer appreciation for them, become a magnet for success.
    Spend time finding the silver lining. It is always there. A gratitude practice will guide your way.
  4. Take time in nature. What do you notice when you are outside? If you started your walk tired, anxious or overwhelmed, did anything shift after the walk? What was the most beautiful moment of your walk? Bring your awareness to your feelings and sensations.
  5. Practice present moment awareness. The mind needs to be trained to stay in the moment. Command the present moment by creating a breath or mantra (a sentence you can repeat) to bring yourself back to the moment you are living right now. This simple act of awareness will shift life in profound ways.

Call to Action:  Notice your old patterns. When we bring awareness and truth to the habits that no longer support our growth, positive shifts occur.