Life can feel very scary when fear overshadows your perspective. Fear is your ego, and when left unattended it can wreak havoc on your life. We may be able to dodge life’s intensity when we are living life with no glaring challenges, but when life ramps up, and crisis appears, our reflective practices become our lifeline.
In challenging times, we may feel like there is no way out, but there always is! Reach for tools that soothe you and watch what happens. Go to these practices, trust and dedicate yourself to them. Trust that every time you choose practices that soothe you, instead of jumping into fear’s black hole, you train the brain to understand that there is always a way out of every difficulty.
5 of My Favorite Healing Practices:
  1. Meditate Learn how to meditate, breathe and flow with life. Do yoga and walk in nature. Feel the experiences inside your life and do more of what makes you feel whole and happy. Take notes on what experience bring to you, do they fill you up or take effort and energy from your life. What are you resisting and what would it feel like to let that resistance go.
  2.  Build a Toolbox- Create practices and rituals for real-life. Start a journal, write down your dreams, create delicious healing recipes, diffuse essential oils, celebrate the new and full moons and the upcoming solar eclipse, this Tuesday, July 2, breathe consciously all the time.
  3. Get to NatureTake notes on your walks in the forest, beaches, mountains, rivers, and streams. Let animals be your teachers and guides.
  4. Express YourselfWrite, draw, make music, dance, learn a new language. Notice how you feel when you engage in a creative expression of you.
  5. Know Happiness-Understand what makes you most happy- not in a quick fix kind of way, but in a way that moves you to tears because you are aligned with your truest essence. Do what you have come to planet Earth to do.
Get to know yourself, make it a priority. Listen to your body, mind, heart, and spirit. Memorize the self-healing tools that make you feel safest. Turn these tools into rituals and do them often. Repetition and consistent practice will give you a connection to you and a feeling of safety always. Your commitment to the practice will hold your heart when it feels like life is falling out from under you. Take faith in your power, commitment, and ability to heal your life.
Shine Bright.

Thank you for reading my posts. I hope you find them supportive. If so, please comment and share. Come with me on this journey to make self-care your sacred priority.

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We are in this life together, learning, growing, and healing.