Enjoy some of my favorite recipes, from medicinal golden milk to restore calm, pickled radishes to perk you up, and dishes targeted to each of the chakras. Eating well creates connections and feeds both body and soul.

Salted Chocolate & Rosemary Tart

Salted Chocolate & Rosemary Tart From the Whole Pantry GF, DF, VGN The perfect tart for a celebration. Valentine’s Day or a ‘just because’ treat. Make the Hazelnut spread for the filling and use the rest for toast or as a dip for strawberries. Tart Crust *Preheat oven to 325 degrees 3 cups Hazelnut Meal 2 ½ tablespoons coconut oil

Dosa Kitchen: Sambar Recipe

I am one of the lucky ones. Leda is my editor, and she and Nash are my friends. I have been invited to meals at their home and have enjoyed the incredible food Nash whips up, seemingly effortlessly, at their food truck in Brattleboro, Vermont. I am thrilled to finally have my hands on the recipes found in Dosa Kitchen:

Foods that Heal

I am going to New York City at the end of March, one of the highlights of my trip will be a visit to Divya's Kitchen. I am excited for the whole experience. This is yet another amazing recipe from Divya's book that's not to be missed.  Enjoy! ------------------------------- Back in 2015, Vaidya R. K. Mishra and his wife Milena visited us

Curious how the whole quinoa craze started?

Guest blog by Leda Scheintaub Learn from The Quinoa Chronicles, Stephen Gorad’s engaging, heartfelt account of how this ancient food gained status as supergrain in the United States. I met Stephen a decade or so when I briefly hosted an informal food and meditation group affectionately known as Sit and Stew. Rebecca Wood (who wrote a quinoa cookbook back in

Navigating the Sea of Holiday Temptation

A Guest Blog by Terry Walters, LLC Eleven months out of the year, I believe that judgments, deprivation, rigidity, and “shoulds” have no place in a healthy diet. But as the holidays approach, those very tendencies that I normally shun are my life preserver. This time of year, rather than try extra-hard to listen to my body and make mindful