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Enjoy some of my favorite recipes, from medicinal golden milk to restore calm, pickled radishes to perk you up, and dishes targeted to each of the chakras. Eating well creates connections and feeds both body and soul.

Salted Chocolate & Rosemary Tart

The perfect tart for a celebration. Valentine’s Day or a ‘just because’ treat. Make the Hazelnut spread for the filling and use the rest for toast or as a dip for strawberries … read more

Nectar of the Gods (Ayurvedic Ojas Restoration Drink)

Ojas, in the science of Ayurveda, is a superfine substance in the body that protects and nourishes all of the tissues and the entire nervous system. It is no less than the essence of life juice … read more

Dosa Kitchen: Sambar Recipe

I am one of the lucky ones. Leda is my editor, and she and Nash are my friends. I have been invited to meals at their home and have enjoyed the incredible food Nash whips up, seemingly effortlessly, at their food truck … read more

Foods that Heal

I am going to New York City at the end of March, one of the highlights of my trip will be a visit to Divya’s Kitchen. I am excited for the whole experience. This is yet another amazing recipe from Divya’s book that’s … read more

Medicinal Golden Milk

Medicinal Golden Milk is a tool in my self-care kit, ready and waiting for me when I need it. Its healing ingredients restore calm and balance to my system, soothe my senses, and nourish my life from the inside out. Sometimes I’ll … read more

First Chakra Meal

The sweet, mild ingredients in the dishes below reinforce the calming qualities needed to balance an upset root chakra. Enjoy this first chakra meal together or as … read more

Second Chakra Meal

The foundational energies of the first three chakras are the soil in which our lives grow. Making sure this energy is cultivated and nourished is vital to the success we will know in our … read more

Third Chakra Meal

The third chakra is all about boosting self-esteem and nurturing self-love. When I have had a particularly challenging day, one that leaves me feeling discouraged and unsuccessful, like a lot of people I am drawn to … read more

Fourth Chakra Meal

The transitional seasons, spring and fall, are beautifully supportive times to cleanse the body. I committed this month, April, to eating consciously and supporting my body in clearing. It has been a very illuminating month. Even though I … read more

Fifth Chakra Meal

So much of the fifth chakra’s brilliance is in delivering our truth and in supporting others in speaking their truth too. But what we often overlook in this center is the listening capacity of a … read more

Sixth Chakra Meal

It is hard to access the meditative aspects of the sixth chakra when the body is depleted. It is important to fortify the body with life-giving foods. During warm months, I look to my Cape Cod garden to help me do this. I pick … read more

Seventh Chakra Meal

The seventh chakra is more about spiritual connections and less about matter. It is always good to remember that no chakra stands alone, and that the food we eat to restore and strengthen our bodies has an impact on our ability to find … read more

Whole and Wholesome Food

The things we eat and drink control so much about how we feel and what we can accomplish. You are what you eat, right? One of the most important shifts I encourage my clients to make is the transition from consuming processed foods to eating … read more

Cooked Apple Pre-Breakfast

I just received my copy of Divya Alter’s beautiful cookbook, What to Eat for How You Feel: The New Ayurvedic Kitchen. I am honored to share her contribution to my newsletter. Her wisdom and knowledge is based around her own healing journey with great compassion for her readers. She holds your hand and … read more

Slow-Roasted Tomato and Garlic Chutney

When we understand that food is our medicine, life changes. I was brought up with an awareness of the healing quality of foods, and I am fortunate to have spectacular cooks in my life to nourish and expand my horizons. Recently I visited my editor and friend, Leda Scheintaub, and her husband, Nash Patel, at their popular … read more

Pretty In Pink Radishes

Terry’s cookbooks are a staple in my kitchen. She organizes her recipes by the season, which makes them a valuable reference. My garden is overflowing with bright pink radishes right now, and it’s hard to know what to do with all of them. In this recipe, Terry shows us how to ferment radishes, heal our intestinal tract, and bring this … read more

Spring Onion and Quinoa Soup with Roasted Asparagus

My friend Terry Walters has brought food to another level of healing in my life by showing me that cooking can be a meditation. I recently attended a sourdough workshop with Terry and experienced firsthand the mindful experience of preparing and cooking food together. Enjoy her beautiful seasonal soup, and don’t miss her … read more

Fiddlehead Fern Curry

Nature guides us in the rebirth it brings forth each spring. Our native flora and fauna provide an effortless example of this transition. The efficiency of nature to produce exactly what we need to flourish is an undeniable brilliance. Fiddlehead ferns are a perfect example. Ascetically, they tease the … read more

Spring Season Ginger Lemon Tea

Welcome to kapha season! In Ayurveda, this late winter/early spring season brings with it so much possibility. After a long dormant period, kapha season is a time of rebirth and growth, a time of shedding old habits and emotions. It’s when we begin to lighten up, dry out, warm up, and move, balancing kapha’s earthy … read more