10 Tools To Relieve Stress When Sh*t Hits The Fan

Meet chaos and stress with confidence and steadiness. Let me save you thousands of hours by sharing the 10 tools I’ve found most impactful in building steadiness and resilience in my 30+ years of practice, study, and coaching…

10 Tools To Relieve Stress Mini Course

Make Yourself Unshakeable In The Storms Of Life

With Bite-Sized Practices of ‌10 Minutes or Less

Hello and welcome. I’m ‌Sarah, creator and host of the Trauma Recovery Summit. I created this mini-course and resource library with ‌my favorite go-to practices for staying strong and steady in moments of stress and chaos. 

This is just a small (but key) part of what my team and I do. We study ancient tools and practices as well as the latest techniques, and identify what works best for most people. We then turn these into accessible, 5-10 minute, learning experiences.  

If you’re here, it means you are ready for tools to help you become resilient and steadfast when things start to go sideways.

So, the questions is…

Are You Ready To Learn ‌Tools To Help You Turn Stress Into Steadiness In Less Than 10 Minutes?

Here's How It Works:

‌You login into your member’s area where you’ll find the bite-sized course with video instruction

You can complete the mini-course (including time to try out each practice) in under 90 minutes; or, you can dive right into practice—the course provides extra context and guidance but is optional!

When things get stressful or overwhelming, open up the member area and get into the library of practices or into your Favorites to find a simple practice to help you stand with steadiness and see with clarity in the face of challenges

The resource library also links you back to specific lessons for each practice.

Here's What's Included In ‌The 10 Tools Mini Course

  1. Access to a library of on-demand tools and practices to call on anytime, anywhere
  2. An easy-to-follow mini course to learn each of the 10 tools and their specific practices
  3. Easy access to your favorite practices to call on at a moment’s notice as needed

This is why we believe this will work for you…

Are You Ready To ‌Experience What "Steady" Feels Like?

10 Tools To Relieve Stress Mini Course

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