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Create A Sacred Space

Getting Set to Meditate: Create a Sacred Space

Starting a meditation practice may be the simplest ritual you ever adopt. Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, it also may be the richest and most complex. The only prep work involved is in creating a physical place, somewhere in your home, that becomes a place to rest your heart, a sacred place for you. Clean it, bless it, and adorn it with the things you treasure most. Once you set an intention to make time for yourself each day, in a place that feels safe and restorative, there is a natural unfolding and ease to caring for yourself, and the results for many are miraculous.

  • Choose a location that is private, quiet, and soothing. Make sure you can control the temperature, the amount of light, and the noise level. Keep it tidy so it feels refreshing and comforting each time you go there.
  • Put objects around you that help you feel cozy and safe (photos, symbols of hope, stones, objects that make you smile).
  • Take a seat on a natural fiber wool or cotton blanket or sheepskin if you have one. You might also want to have an additional blanket available to wrap around yourself. Comfort is essential. Set up a meditation pillow that offers you support and comfort. (If sitting on the ground is not comfortable, find a stool or chair that allows your feet to be on the ground and your spine to lengthen.)
  • Keep a meditation timer by your side—this could be a dedicated timer or the alarm on your cellphone programmed to the gentlest tone (and switch it to airplane mode so no calls come in).
  • Consider flowers and incense to enhance your experience. Add candles, photographs, essential oils, or trinkets that elicit calm feelings, clarity, and focus. Have a box of tissues nearby and a journal to write questions and reflections.

Your sacred space will give you time to reset, revitalize, and rebalance your life each day and relate to the deeper parts of who you are. Rest your heart in the safety and comfort of this reflective space. Go there each day, close your eyes, and breathe.

Sarah Brassard is a writer, teacher, and coach living in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  She’s the author of Inside – A Guide to the Resources Within

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