Inner Healing & Personal Growth Coach for Women
Inner Healing & Personal Growth Coach for Women

Private Sessions with Master Coach Sarah Brassard

If you’re ready to move away from limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, and toxic behaviors that are preventing you from living your best life, this work is for you.

In our one-on-one work together, I’ll support you in finding a new perspective to explore and discover. We will work together to uncover knowledge, create stability, and overcome any challenges. I’m here to help you discover yourself, find internal steadiness, and tackle any obstacles you reveal along the way.

What's Included

Private Coaching With Sarah Brassard

Program includes:

  • The first session is an extensive ‘Deep Dive’ visual conference session to kick off our work together.
  • Highlighted by bi-monthly Private coaching (75 minutes) sessions with Sarah via tele or visual conference
  • Ongoing, full-time and unlimited email and Voxer (voice texting) support for the duration of the coaching program
  • Full access to Sarah’s resource library:
    • Complete Tribe Inside Resource Library
    • Over 40 recordings of Sarah’s personal interviews with leading experts from the Trauma Recovery Summit
  • Sessions are recorded for personal review and download upon request.
  • Insights workbook to be completed before our first session to help us maximize the impact of our time together
How This Works

Apply To Work With Sarah


Apply:  You complete the application below.  I’ll review your application and followup with you personally via email.


Exploratory Call:  Once I review your application, I’ll invite you to schedule a short zoom call where we meet and discuss your goals, what you want to get out of working with me and answer any of your questions about my coaching program.  If we both decide it is a good fit, you purchase a coaching package and book your first deep dive session.  Yeah! 


Welcome Email:  Once officially signed up for my private coaching, you will receive an email with important next steps and links to schedule your sessions with me. 

Community Love

Here’s Some More of What My Clients, Readers, and Community Members Say About What I Offer

Want to experience these things for yourself?
“Sarah Brassard is a Spiritual Warrior. I’ve known Sarah for 30 years. She is someone who has spent her life doing the work required to heal from the inside out. All along the way Sarah has shared her knowledge and helped as many people as possible through her programs, book, personal coaching and yoga classes. I’ve witnessed her courage and strength in owning her “stuff” in order to create true happiness and joy in her life. I describe Sarah as someone who truly walks her walk. She is an innovator and is willing to experiment with any healing modality available. Sarah brings integrity, humanity and laugh out loud humor to all of her endeavors.”
Laura Biggers
“From the moment I came across Sarah on her social posts, there was an instant connection. She is wise, inspirational, and supportive of soul seekers in search of truths. Having collaborated with her was a wonderful experience and one I’m so grateful for. Her superpower is to cut through the noise and deliver clear thoughtful tools to help you grow and evolve. Thank you Sarah, you are a beacon of light.”
Bernie Lee
“I’m forever grateful for Sarah and her wisdom and vision and for creating such a special space for learning and healing.”
Leigh Alberti
“I was searching for something and didn’t really know what but found this practice which connected me to my body, mind, and soul. My journey continued when Sarah introduced her book, Inside, and developed a program that supported me in looking inside, something I had not felt safe doing in many years. I learned to breathe, accept my feelings and become a peaceful observer. Now when I feel a reaction coming on that may not be supportive or healthy, I walk away and breathe until I am able to respond instead of react.”
Donna Spatidol
“I recognized a need to dig deeper into what I wanted for myself. The live events and the abundance of resources offered on the portal have given me the tools I need to, at times, put myself first.”
Pauline Festa
“Sarah’s wisdom extends far beyond her academic and professional knowledge of health and wellness, and healing from mental and physical distress and imbalances. Her depth of understanding the fascinating and complex interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit is superior.”
Rosemary T
“I met Sarah following the sudden loss of my husband, a loss that left myself and our two young children struggling to cope with our grief. This program helped me navigate life during those difficult years and continues to help me thrive today. Sarah’s program, which embraces self care, and has helped me establish a consistent meditation practice and has enabled me to be my best self, as a mother, daughter, friend and colleague. Truly life changing.”
Amy Szep

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