Dream Come True

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My book, Inside-  A Guide to The Resources Within, is finished. The final edits are in; all images are approved and the last precious details of this book finalized.  My team and I signed

Prepare for the Unexpected

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Certain times bring stunning upsets to life. These unplanned events show up in various ways, through relationships, careers, health issues, friendships, and political outcomes. The unexpected happens, in fact, it

Keep On

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In my book, I talk a lot about the advantages we have when we can adopt a beginner's mind and stay open to learning. But as we know this is

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40 Day Meditation Practice: Week 2

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Week 2 : Supporting Activities By the time your 40-day meditation practice enters double digits, things in your life have likely started to shift. Your stress feels more manageable. Your

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The Big 3-0

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I've always loved celebrating other people's birthdays. I like to make a big fuss about them- surprises! presents! parties! I love all of it. This year, though, I'm turning 30

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