Winter Workshop:
6-Month Women’s Empowerment  Journey on Cape Cod

Woman's healing circle

Praise for Sarah’s Classes and Workshops

“The Awakened Life Series is a place of trust and safety where the only correct answers are those from our hearts. It’s a place to come and honor the sacredness of everything around us and in us. The Awakened Life Series is a place to remember to laugh, cry and embrace it all!”
Lori B.

“I’m not sure I knew exactly what Awakened Life was going to be when we started, and every month continued to bring surprises. The ability to have a community of like-minded individuals clear their schedules and gather was very humbling.  We are all very unique individuals, all on a journey but steadfast in supporting one another with kindness, understanding, and respect. Thank you for bringing this series to life!”
Iris M.

“Many times as I’ve driven home from Awakened Life, I’ve experienced agitation and decided to swear off the whole business. Then within a week I breakthrough to something I’ve been working towards. Somehow the time in circle stirs things up and supports me at the same time.”
Danielle P.

“I felt so recharged and replenished after Transcend Trauma. I felt happy and really relaxed for the first time in weeks.”
Tina F.

“My experience with Transcend Trauma was very positive and life-changing. Sarah held the space with loving compassion, patience and great knowledge of their subject matter. Our close-knit group shared some beautiful and some sad life experiences that we all know will stay with us forever.”
Natalie N.

“I absolutely loved the warm and encouraging atmosphere, the group process and support from the circle, and the information that was taught. I always felt that Sarah was available and approachable and always had our best interest at heart. Thank you for providing the time training, which was taught from the most sensitive and caring place for inner healing.”
Clare S.

“I feel so fortunate to have taken part in the wonderful Transcend Trauma program. I am very grateful for all the work you both did to make this experience so very helpful to me. The techniques you taught have been extremely useful. I think we were all transformed by all the material we learned and experienced.”
Christine J.