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Making Self-Care Your Sacred Priority

90-Day Private Coaching Experience

Here’s where our work together begins . . .

My job is to nurture your soul, spirit, heart, body, and mind back to love and back to life.

From what I’ve seen, if I do my job, the circumstances will take care of themselves.

You’ve had some battles. You’ve tried a lot of different things in order to heal. You’ve become hopeful and then elated and then disappointed and confused before starting the vicious, virtuous cycle over again.

See, many of us focus on outcomes. We want the thing to happen (or not to happen) so we can become whole and happy again. We do the dance and jump through the hoops to get the universe to conform to our commands. We perform them perfectly. And then, it happens. The thing we didn’t want.

I’ve so been there. Which is why I’ve adopted an entirely different professional approach . . .

I help you shift your life from a focus on outer control to one of audacious self-care.

The fact is, you are blessed. You’ve been there, done that. You’re at an age where you’re ready to step into a place of grace, peace, and meaning. You’re not a kid anymore. You’ve lived. You’ve loved. You’ve worked. You’ve cared for so many others.

And now it’s your time.

In this 90-day program, I’ll design from scratch a sacred self-care program that fits your life and brings you back home to yourself.

Our work together will go deeper than the level of thought. It will involve more than mere “positive thinking” (my guess is you may have tried that).

I’ll design a daily sacred practice specifically for you that involves getting your feet, hands, and hips into it, and I’ll guide you through it each step of the way. Yes, it’s meditative and contemplative, but it’s also grounded in physical movement and the reality of your daily life.

You + Me + Your Counselor = Pure Magic

If you happen to be working with a therapist or counselor, I can develop a relationship with them so that we can support you in the best way possible. This is “team you.” We’ll huddle up and move forward as an unstoppable unit to optimize your results.

The structure is simple (but powerful) . . .

In this 90-day program, you’ll receive . . .An initial 60-minute intensiveOne 40-minute meeting every other week (bi-monthly) for the duration of the program

After our time together, you’ll walk away with a custom-tailored daily practice of radical self-care based on meditation, movement, and sacred ceremony that creates a foundation for moving through life in a new way.

My signature process is steeped in my experience as a Kundalini Yoga instructor, an Interfaith Minister, and a practitioner of body work in several modalities.

You won’t be alone. No more trying things on for size and going down fruitless rabbit holes. It’s time to secure your lifelong practice so you can get out of your head and deepen gracefully back into your life.

Let’s do this . . .

No need to downplay it–this is a big commitment for both of us. I only work with those who are as dedicated to their growth as I am. And I’m sure you may have some lingering questions you’d like to have addressed at this point. So . . .

Let’s chat.

I’m typically booked at least a couple months in advance, so to get the ball rolling, fill out the “New Client Questionnaire” below to let me know who you are, what you’re up against, and how to get in touch. I’ll reach out and we’ll schedule a no-pressure 30-minute discovery session to see what’s possible and determine if we’re a good fit.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you step into your sacred practice.

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New Client Questionnaire
Strategic Life Plan

“Sarah’s book is a treasure trove of self care practices.  It is a book to pour over and delve into again and again.  Sarah provides valuable insight into the power of awareness and self care.  The book is a literal toolbox of practices to carry you on a path of living a life of well being.”Gerry

“Set Your Life In Motion has changed many things in my life.  I started the program at the busiest time of the year .  I have to say I was a little resistant initially, but now am very grateful that it happened at that time.  Funny how the Universe never gives you more than you can handle. During the holidays I found that everything went smoother than normal.  It was easier to stay focused.  Interactions with others were very positive even when the other person brought negativity. Since New Year’s I have finished 2 little paintings, almost finished with a quilt, will start teaching a drawing class this week with plans for many other classes and workshops to come. Having a daily practice has reawakened my “inner artist” and it is so nice to have her back! Thank you Sarah for giving me the tools to opening myself up to other possibilities.”Cindy

“Sarah has such a wise and generous spirit and provides a wonderful example to take what we’ve learned and what we’re working on and put it out into the world with humility, love and compassion. I have much love and respect for her.”Danielle P., Nashua, NH

“I felt so recharged and replenished after seeing her. I haven’t felt that recharged in a few weeks. I felt happy and really relaxed.”Tamara B., Watertown, MA

“Working with Sarah has been really helpful in relieving a lot of the stress that I tend to keep internalized. I have also seen the importance of doing exercise as a way to give back to myself, which hasn’t always been the case. Being a mom of two young kids, my schedule is chaotic at best, but just doing a few of the simple poses that she has taught me has allowed me to feel so much better about myself. I laugh because after each class with her, I find myself both energized and relaxed.”Bridget C., Nashua, NH

“Sarah possesses an exceptional ability to access a client’s needs, to understand their unique qualities and to know what to do to facilitate healing and wholeness where imbalances are impairing one’s natural abilities and well-being.”Iris M., Hollis, NH

“Sarah is a survivor of trauma who is ready for the next challenge; always seeking and learning but willing to talk about it, sharing common ground and so eloquently able to communicate the lessons she has learned.”Natalie N., Londonderry, NH

“Her gentle, yet specific and directive approach allows for the client to feel well supported and guided through their healing process, which for some may be challenging due to fear, anxiety and learned helplessness.”Kathy R., Groton, MA

“As a mental health provider, my goal is to maintain excellent physical and mental health in order to support professional competency. Sarah’s guidance for improving health and deepening self care practices has been invaluable. Sarah’s wisdom extends far beyond her academic and professional knowledge of health and wellness, and healing from mental and physical distress and imbalances. Her depth of understanding the fascinating and complex interconnectedness between mind, body and spirit is superior. Sarah’s depth and knowledge is vast, only to be rivaled by the depth of her kindness, caring and compassion for others.”Caren R., Bedford, NH

“Sarah has a speciality in understanding and working with trauma. Life presents significant traumatic events for many people, or smaller challenges and losses that also affect a person’s ability to function and maintain health. Sarah possesses a wealth of information and skills that can assist a person to release those experiences on the mental, spiritual and physical level in order to repair the nervous system, unblock restriction, and promote health and well-being.”Laurie B., Amherst, NH

“Sarah utilizes and processes significant skills and modalities, both objective and intuitive to access her client’s specific needs. Her ability to design a healing program tailored to the problem and desired outcome is individual and includes a multimodal approach to health and well-being.”Erica F., Newton, MA

“Sarah helped to guide me through a very rough time in my life. It was a time of stress and despair, beyond anything I had experienced before and I couldn’t find my way out. But thanks to Sarah’s knowledge, wisdom, and compassion, I was able to get my life back on track.”Natalie N., Londonderry, NH

“I was drawn to Sarah’s 90-day coaching program in hopes of alleviating debilitating chronic migraine headaches and general fatigue. By the end of the program, the migraines were gone and my health is excellent! This was not the result of some arbitrary luck. Sarah and I worked together to get to the root of the problem and develop practices that provided solutions. I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to work closely with Sarah. Her genuine warmth and caring, coupled with years of professional expertise and personal wisdom, have been invaluable.”Rebecca