Yoga in Real Life | ItLately, I’ve had some major reminders of how different upheavals feel when living a life grounded in yoga.

There is nothing like a full moon to flush out the circumstances in my life that are no longer working. Not every full moon has this level of impact, but this one walloped me. I am all for flushing things out and getting to the bottom of the nagging events that have superficially hindered my progress, but as we all know this level of clearing can be enormously uncomfortable. It seems on these full moons that there is just a little less tolerance for the matters of life that loom on the edges of what feels right and what doesn’t. And without getting too metaphysical, the protective curtain that shields me from the raw, real patterns of nature gets just that much thinner.

All of this discomfort comes in order to set me back on course to what really matters. I am grateful for this exposure. I know that nature is part of me, and that nature’s cues are my true north, but still…it is very disruptive and very uncomfortable.

It’s times like this when I apply my yoga practice on the mat to my yoga practice off the mat. I practice yoga for many reasons, but one of the biggest assets of yoga to my life is its ability to keep me grounded when everything else is flying around me in upheaval.

Yesterday was one of those days. The best laid out plans… I looked at my calendar the night before and saw that I had an open day, a whole day to write, this is a huge gift in my large life. Little did I know what the universe had in store for me! The details of the day pale to the lessons learned, so there is no need to go into the details of what happened. What matters is, those lessons got me practicing yoga without my even knowing.

Inside, I felt conflicted and mad, yet those around me, having knowledge of what was happening in my life, commented on how grounded and calm I seemed. While I was not hooked into the feeling of calm that they observed, I was aware of my yoga. I paid extra attention to my breath and made sure I got outside to walk in nature. I came into the moment and caught my attention when it wanted to scare me with references from the past or the future.

What I realized in the middle of all the upheaval was that I was doing just what I do when I practice the most difficult postures in yoga: I stay in the breath and adjust the posture with modification to keep the breath strong and supportive. The breath is the best tools we have in yanking us back from the frightening wanderings of our mind. It plants us firmly in the moment, and in that moment we have the chance to get clear and clean about what matters most. Namaste.