When your life takes a turn you never would have imagined, the experience has the potential to devastate you or positively change you forever. It is in the disorder that our spirit calls to us. There is a window of surrender because we are vulnerable. Vulnerability, as fragile as it makes us feel, is an unlocked state in which we can make new choices.

It is natural to feel limited, contracted, and hopeless when events happen that rock our world. So much emotion shows up: anger, frustration, regret, dread for the future. Whatever it is, it’s most likely not what you planned, and releasing the agenda of how you wanted it to be is a huge step toward faith.

Moving toward the most fragile aspects of your humanity rather than turning from the events that broke your heart and possibly your spirit is a brave act. This is the Hero’s Journey.

When trauma impacts your life, it is natural to retreat. The spirit leaves because it is too painful to stay. But to truly heal you have to find a way to call the spirit back to your life, heart, and ultimately the experiences that hurt you.

Suffering makes us feel small and finite, but there is more. Trust that! What it requires is that you get truthful about how you feel in that moment and stay with the discomfort.

Discomfort has the inherent power and potential to move us to the next phase of healing, but it does require that we stay for the lesson and not run from it. Staying is the Hero’s Journey, and boundless opportunities await you when you say yes to this path of learning.  

This is where truth moves you to understand where you are. Are you ready or not quite there yet?  It’s not always the right time to do the work.

As a young woman, I cycled through suffering and the same sadness over and over again because I had not yet found the strength to turn toward my deep wounds. Suffering at this level can inspire us to find another way, and fortunately for my life, it did.

My spiritual guide, teachers, and healers supported me in building a strong foundation. I practice yoga and meditation daily, I eat whole foods, spend time in nature, and hang out with people who enliven my spirit. Reuniting with your spirit is the only way true healing will be realized.  

In order to return to yourself, you need to find a foundation of self-care that supplies you with a framework to take the next courageous steps. If you can find the strength and guidance to make the inner inquiry, the universe will meet you on this journey and support you in limitless ways.

Questions to Inspire Your Inner Inquiry:

  1. What makes you most happy, and how do you manifest it in your life?
  2. What are some of your biggest obstacles/blocks right now? Do you have awareness around what holds you from your happiness?
  3. Do you find yourself thinking more about the past or future than believing in the present moment?
  4. How would it feel to depend on yourself and know that you already have everything you need to make all your dreams come true?
  5. Have you had an experience that has changed the course of your life?

My book, Inside: A Guide to the Resources Within, ushers you on the Hero’s Journey. It will support you in returning to your spirit after the devastation of trauma has pulled you away. Self-care is the foundation of the book and the portal that will steer you back to your power base, back inside, back to yourself.

I’ll leave you with this quote from the book:

“The creative spirit knows no boundaries. It is expansive, infinite, and ranges out there beyond the restrictive walls of the mind and thought. It is transcendent, and our heroic life’s quest is to find the strength to move toward those infinite opportunities. When we listen and connect to the Spirit’s calling, few questions are asked. It would be like asking the heart why it beats.

The mission is to learn, by heart, the tools you will need to stay afloat in the greatest tides of life. In this new place of self-awareness and self-love, you can listen to the call of your creative spirit and move toward a whole, happy, and peaceful way of being. Become a trailblazer who listens deeply, not to the noise of your surroundings, but to the ever-present instruction of your spirit and the universe.”

If any of these thoughts stir something inside of you and you would like to share your thoughts or questions, please reach out . . . I love this conversation!