When I started my healing journey in my twenties, I knew that walking through my fears to get to happiness would be a huge undertaking. But I also intuitively knew it was the only way out. Winston Churchill’s quote “When you are going through hell, keep going” perfectly sums up this process.

But what does it take to keep moving down the path to health and well-being? It takes a commitment of waking up to the difficult, challenging situations of life and the fierce understanding that those very situations are the ones that have all the power to heal us. 

The commitment to healing requires that you take extraordinary care of yourself to sustain the changes this awareness brings forth, learning, moment to moment, day to day, how to walk the fine line between challenge and care. This is the key to living an authentic, truthful path for the rest of your life.

I learned that healing is a multi-layered process. Rather than becoming overwhelmed, I took it one step at a time. My first step was to look at how busy I had become. Although I hadn’t realized it consciously, I had filled my schedule to the brim, most likely in an effort to avoid sitting still and thinking about the parts of my life that hurt so much. So I began to make room for myself. I created a sacred space in my house to meditate. A place to rest my body, heart, and spirit. I had fun making it beautiful, and the process welcomed me inside myself, a perfect first step to my inner world.

Then I committed to going there each morning before my day started. I wrote in my journal and practiced breathing exercises that helped me move through the fearful energy that showed up. I would lie down, stay very still, and put my hands on my belly to feel my breath move in and out of my body. The potency of this simple practice astonished me.

Setting aside this time felt generous and healing, and helped me understand how worthy of this time I was. I had put everything in my life, and ultimately my own happiness, before my own needs, and I began to understand how detrimental this was to my healing path.

Offer yourself a chance to heal. Rather than thinking of it as a huge undertaking, start small and go inward, any way you can.

What is it in your life that facilitates inward reflection?

What part of your life hurts the most and is screaming the loudest to be heard? Wherever that place is in you, listen deeply and go there as soon as you can.
Remember, in the beginning, it is less about what you do in the practice and more about getting there each day to establish that daily practice. 

 Soothe your fears, nurture your heart, and become the bold adventurer you long to be.

May peace forever live in your heart.

My work views all the elements of being a human—the physical, emotional, and mental—as deeply intertwined… It is from this whole-person perspective that we can best identify the underlying causes of our struggles and empower ourselves to heal.

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