Connection to our spirit is one of the most profound experiences we can have as humans, and yet so many of us overlook this relationship. I do it too, and particularly in a season where so much importance it put on making things happen from the outside in. This Christmas week I was given a chance to watch my spirit take charge.

Last Saturday, I caught the flu. Fortunately, I don’t get sick too often and possibly initially I was a bit too confident about how fast I’d heal.  My week ahead was huge. I had family in town, presents to buy and wrap, and food shopping and decorating for three dinner parties planned at our home.

I had hoped each day would bring more vitality but instead  I grew weaker and sicker. 
Physically, I was struggling and unable to carry out my plans. I don’t like disappointing people and the thought of canceling usually triggers all sorts of fear and worry in me. But something else happened this time. Rather than the anxiety, I would often feel; I felt calm. And the more I surrendered to that relaxed and unruffled feeling inside, the more peaceful I felt overall. I didn’t fret about all my commitments and made no rash decisions to cancel. I stayed in the moment and focused on the most important job at hand, healing.  My spirit guided the way. I could feel my energy being charged by my unwillingness to subscribe to fear. My mind was being soothed by the love of my spirit and everything else took a back seat to this priority.

In the last two weeks, we’ve been informed by the energy of the full moon on the 14th and a week later Winter Solstice on the 21st, these are astrological powerhouses. The energy of these events fortified my spirit and brought a cleansing through my body that allowed me to heal my heart and recognize and relate to the potency of my spirit.

A week later, I am finally feeling better physically just in time for the celebrations to start. This Christmas my present was delivered early. It is not the type of gift I thought I needed but often our greatest lessons come wrapped very differently than we plan. Had I been caught in the to-do list I may have missed this one, but I didn’t, instead I found the best gift ever, the reservoir of peace that lives in us always.

Take faith in what you feel inside and know that the presence of spirit is always alive in your life. Give yourself a moment to breathe and believe this holiday season, and may you have a Merry, Merry Christmas.