Understand Your Energy | ItWe all have a relationship with energy. We know what it looks like in our environment, because without it life would look very different. Electricity, fuel, wind power—if we did not have the common conveniences that we have come to depend on, we would be living very differently. In that sense, energy is what makes today’s era so modern, and life would slow down considerably without it.

And yet, there is more to energy than the technology of electricity. To brainstorm other manifestations, there is the energy of the natural world, like lightning, shocks from jellyfish and the intense atmospheric power of a hurricane.

Another type of energy that might come to mind could be something like the phrase, “I’m so tired, I have no energy today.” You might refer to this kind of energy often without really stopping to think about it. Is this energy the same as electricity, or lightning? You know how it feels in your body when illness, negativity or overexertion depletes this energy level, but do you know how to restore it?

The type of energy related to mood or endurance is called the energetic system, and it’s an essential aspect of the yoga I practice, Kundalini Technology. This is the energy of human life. Whether you have a relationship with your body’s energy system or not, it exists. Just like the law of gravity: you may not interact with the understanding of it every second of every day of your life, but it’s still there! And without gravity, you would be floating around in the ether instead of walking on the earth as you do.

The great news about bringing awareness to your energy system is that with a keen eye, you can become an expert on your own personal energy levels. You’ll learn what the fluctuations mean, and you’ll figure out how to replenish your energy when it runs low.

In my experience, the best way to educate yourself about the energy system is through the ancient tradition of the chakra system. You may know a bit about chakras already, or a lot, or nothing at all. Regardless, I’d like to share the wisdom of Kundalini’s chakra theories with you, particularly focused on how to optimize the eight segments of your energetic system: survival, relationships, self-esteem, love, honesty, wisdom, spirituality and compassion.

We have decided to dedicate the next eight Fridays to the chakra system. In the blog posts you will be given simple lessons in the anatomy, characteristics and feelings that are representative of the individual chakras. We will also offer you exercises to help support the chakra through recipes, yoga and contemplations. This practice has no rules or requirements, just chances to learn. Possibly, you may want to dive in and take part in the eight-week process, or just glance at the recipes that support specific energy centers. Whatever you decide, you will be meeting this path of learning exactly as you need to. Lay down the cloak of personal judgment and open up to the guidance of your heart.

It’s occurred to me, there is something so true about the saying that knowledge is power, especially self-knowledge.

Image via LucidPractice.