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A handy reference guide to relieve stress:

  • The world we live in is moving faster, and the faster it moves, the more it demands of us. The message is clear: Keep up with the pace or you’ll be left behind. Constant stress wears us down, and “fight or flight” becomes the running theme of our lives.
  • My 10 Tools to Relieve Stress are designed to counter states of overwhelm, anxiety, or panic on the spot. By practicing them, you will learn to cope and find peace through trying situations.
  • Call on these tools often and you’ll experience shifts in your life that will help you grow new, exciting ways of being!
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What People Are Saying

“Working with Sarah has been really helpful in relieving the stress that I keep internalized. Just doing a few of the simple poses has allowed me to feel so much better about myself . . . I find myself energized and relaxed.”

​Bridget C., Nashua, NH

“Sarah possesses an exceptional ability to access a client’s needs, to understand their unique qualities and to know what to do to facilitate healing and wholeness where imbalances are impairing one’s natural abilities and well-being.”

Iris M., Hollis, NH