The Long Deep Breath is one of the most ancient, basic, and most powerful practices I know. My whole perspective changed the day I joined a yoga class and learned that there were healthy and unhealthy ways to breathe. Who knew you could breathe incorrectly? The mastery of this breath is a lifeline for me. The long deep breath will flush the body with fresh oxygen and stimulate a restorative calming response. The benefits are numerous, including stimulating brain activity, neutralizing the fear response, rejuvenating the circulatory system, and regulating the pulse.

Through this simple practice, you will understand the nuances of the breath and gain knowledge of how you are breathing. This will give you a clear baseline. When you are familiar with the flow of your breath and its effect on your life overall, you will go to it in challenging times.

As you practice the long deep breath notice if personal judgment pops up. If so, bring your awareness to it, and then release the experience by bringing your focus back to the breath.

  1. Sit in a chair or on the ground in a position that allows your spine the ability to lengthen. Use whatever pillows or props you need to make this position as comfortable as possible.
  2. Sit tall and feel the crown of your head reaching towards the sky.
  3. Tip your chin just enough to lengthen the back of the neck, so the breath can flow freely.
  4. Place your hands on your belly and breathe as you normally breathe. (Notice: is your belly pulling in when you take a breath or pushing out? If your belly pulls in on the inhale, your breath will be shallow, only letting the air enter the upper part of your lungs. When your belly expands on the inhale your lungs are flooded with fresh air, blowing up like a balloon.)
  5. Keep your hands on your belly as you practice. Inhale. Feel your body expand, starting with your chest and stretching all the way to your belly. If your breath doesn’t make it to your belly at first, don’t worry. Allow it to go where it feels most natural, and over the course of time, work toward moving it deeper into your body. It will happen with practice and dedication.
  6. Exhale. Feel your body contract, from your belly up to your chest. Let all the air from your lungs release.
  7. Start again.
  8. Repeat the long deep breath for 3 minutes. Do this simple practice once a day for 40 days.

My work views all the elements of being a human—the physical, emotional, and mental—as deeply intertwined… It is from this whole-person perspective that we can best identify the underlying causes of our struggles and empower ourselves to heal.

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