The Healing Power of Hands

by | Apr 16, 2020

I am an energy enthusiast, with a passion that was originally inspired through Kundalini yoga. Kundalini yoga taught me conscious movement, controlled breathing methods, the ability to focus, and the potency of mantra (a word or phrase that supports concentration) and mudra (healing hand positions). 

When I learned about the healing power of our hands, I felt like I had come upon a hidden treasure, and the truth is, I had. Twenty years later I continue to heal and soothe myself with mudras (hand positions).  

Working with the healing power of your hands is fun. Each finger has a reference or energy channel to the brain, and touching the thumb to the respective finger acts as a keyboard that inputs information to your mind/body computer. Directing healing channels of energy in this way can break through emotional insecurities, heal disorders in the nervous system and expand and restore physical health.  

Each of the four mudras below offers an example of the energy reference and the messages that the connection of the specific fingers gives to the brain and the energy system overall. 

Gyan Mudra

Mudra: Place the thumb together with the tip of the index finger

Stimulates: Knowledge and ability

Planet: Jupiter, representing expansion

Shuni Mudra

Mudra: Place the thumb together with the tip of the middle finger

Stimulates: Patience and discernment

Planet: Saturn, the taskmaster, the law of karma, hold to duty responsibility and courage 

Surya Mudra

Mudra: Place the thumb together with the tip of the ring finger

Stimulates: Revitalization, nervous strength and good health overall

Planet: Sun, energy, health, and sexuality. Uranus, nervous system strength, intuition, and change.

Buddhi Mudra

Mudra: Place the thumb together with the tip of the little finger

Stimulates: Capacity to communicate clearly and intuitively and psychic development

Planet: Mercury, quickness and mental powers of communication

As we move through the devastation of COVID-19, these practices hold great meaning.  We have the chance to feel empowered in a time that has swept away our confidence about how we live and what we depend on. The ability to heal, nurture and soothe ourselves has become a great necessity. With a small amount of effort and discipline you too can learn the potency of energy practices and feel the healing power of your hands.

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Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash