In our goal-oriented world, I look at meditation not as a destination but as a journey. Meditation is the tool that helps me take the hustle and bustle of life and encourage it toward stillness. It helps me de-stress and connect to parts of myself that are not available to me when my mind is overly full. The gifts of meditation are abundant and worth spending time discovering.

Why do we meditate, and what will it do for our lives in the long run? When we take time out of our already packed lives for creating the quiet space of meditation, it is important to have an intention and understanding of why we are practicing and what we wish for it to bring to our lives.

Here are some personal examples of how meditation has improved my life:

  • It has helped me to become more compassionate with myself and others, and this has brought peace to my life.
  • It has given me more understanding for others and has allowed me to feel more joy in my relationships.
  • It has helped me to open to my inner potential and be more creative and effective in my actions.
  • It has helped me to connect and develop my parasympathetic nervous system (which relates to rest, healing, self-restoration, and self-regulation). In other words, it has helped me learn how to press the pause button and understand that life is not an emergency.
  • Physically, meditation has helped me in measurable ways; for example:
    • balancing my blood pressure
    • supporting restful sleeping
    • bringing awareness to my eating and exercising habits
    • allowing me to experience far more clarity and recall mentally

Because of meditation, I act in ways that are more generous, compassionate, and forgiving. I feel, behave, and respond in ways that are more aligned with my true purpose here on earth.

Through meditation, self-care practices, and intentions of joy, connections to our spirit deepen. It’s the discipline of a meditation practice that trains the brain not to jump into panic but to rest in faith. With the commitment of coming back to this reflective, contemplative space each day, we start to heal the sharp edges of our lives and experience our lives with a softer gaze. Self Care Gets Real

When we give our spirit room to be heard and felt, we begin to reveal the truth of our path. Just like clearing the weeds from a garden, the perennial, everlasting call of our spirit blossoms and our true calling reveals itself. This is the greatest of all gifts.

Soon I’ll be introducing a simple but powerful meditation that takes just three minutes of your day. And I’ll invite you to keep it up by joining me on my 40 Day Meditation Challenge. I’ll offer you guidance and support along the way so you can stay the course. I can’t wait to get started!