Such Sweet Sorrow | ItLast week we moved from our home of 22 years into our new home on the hill. But for now, I have come back to our old house to say goodbye before the final closing. I sit alone here today and write as a way to say goodbye and thank you to this beautiful home. I look around at the empty building and feel the absence of our family’s spirit. We have moved on, and what is left is this lovely structure that will soon hold another family’s legacy.

For years now I have taught on making friends with change and embracing transitions and that is what I bring awareness to in my personal process today. What this huge life change has taught me is that so often we are called to find peace within the moment, no matter what that moment feels like.

I am saying goodbye to a place that has made me feel safe in the most difficult times. It is the place that I have lived the longest. It is the place we started our marriage, raised our children, built our careers, and met some of our dearest and closest friends. It’s no wonder saying goodbye feels so sad.

And so here’s the silver lining: pain like this at the loss of someone or something shows me how meaningful the experience has been. It’s a signal that what went on in that place or with that person was lived to the fullest and felt completely, and not a moment of that time was wasted.

So for today, as I say goodbye to my long time home, I say thanks for the memories, and bless this home for all the wonderful times yet to come.

It’s occurred to me how bittersweet it can be, holding an ending and a new beginning all at the same time.


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