Intentions are deeply personal. And I believe that we all come to setting them for different reasons. Resolutions, especially this time of year, are a part of the ritual. We ring in the New Year, with a kiss and a promise to do better. But truthfully, how seriously do we take these pledges and what holds us back from bringing these dreams into reality?

Coming up with a vision for change is a great first step. Visualizing, feeling, and experiencing how this commitment will move your life in a different more fruitful direction. This part of the intentions setting process is what fuels everything else, but it is not enough. Making change is dependent on making space for change to happen. And, yes, this does require your making alteration to your schedule. But, how amazingly great would it feel if you had success this year in bringing your hopes and dreams into reality? Sacred Space- A Place to Rest Your Heart

My suggestion is that you start small and think of just one thing that you’d like to do to shift your life in a new direction. I remember the potency of adopting one of Don Miguel Ruiz, Four Agreements, Don’t make Assumptions and how paying attention to this awareness, every day, shifted my life completely.

Spend some time today and give yourself the gift of a new perspective. What do you need to do to make a change? Rededicate yourself to that. Clear the way for promise, hope, and peace in your life; you are worth it! But as big as that concept is, make your steps toward that dream small, obtainable and consistent and know the great success of living a purposeful, vital life.

May peace prevail, in your heart, mind, and spirit and may you pass that forward.

Happy New Year, 2017