Strength comes from knowing  who you are and learning what ignites positive and negative emotions in you. This is a huge practice and without a dedicated commitment of reflecting inward, a hard one to achieve.
Meditation is a powerful action of cleansing the subconscious. Trauma so often resides in that undiscovered place in your mind. We push it back there to avoid feeling a perceived hurt, ignoring the symptoms of the body, mind, heart and spirit.  This uses up precious energy and this level of avoidance can easily burn us out._DSC1750

Meditation is a practical activity of cleansing and just like brushing our teeth, showering, and exercising regularly, one that can make us strong rapidly.

I think of my daily practice as a container for holding whatever needs to be released from my subconscious. I have built a nurturing space to sit in, and I feel completely safe in this place. I practice breathing, gentle movements, journaling and any other activity that helps me cultivate the ability to be truthful and present with my life.

When I was stuck in a cycle of suffering I was looking for the outer circumstances of my life to change so that I could feel better. I waited a long time but what I found instead was an increased amount of anxiety when this didn’t happen. I prayed no one close to me would ever  die again and that life would stay smooth and even forever. It did not take long before I realized how unrealistic this request was.

Our spirits are always making an effort to get back to truth because it is the only road to a peaceful existence. It is through our truth that we are completely transparent to ourselves and with this transparency we are equipped to heal through any difficulty that shows up.

My practice supports me in discovering more about who I am.  It has taught and strengthened me. It has given me the ability to sit with discomfort, hold my inadequacies, and embrace the opportunity to do better the next time a challenging situation shows up. It is the container that my life needs to move ahead in faith rather than fear. Now with this strength I welcome  challenges, understanding that every time I meet them with knowledge and grace, rather than fear, I have the chance to become more powerful and effective in my life.