Resistances Open Doors- When You Are Aware of Them

This summer I had trouble focusing on anything other than preparing for my son, Eric’s, wedding. I didn’t understand this at first. Each day I would go to my office, trying to find creativity, inspiration, and motivation to write, but the well was dry. (Man, that’s a terrible feeling)

It took me two months to surrender to this struggle but eventually, I did. For the first time in three and half years, I took a month off from writing. Once I made the decision, it felt so nurturing and wise I wondered why I pushed back from letting the commitment go. Once I did, though, the shift was significant. My creative juices started flowing again, not for writing, but in creating gardens, meals, and experiences that I shared with family and friends.

It is these very struggles that feed self-learning.I thumped around for a while this summer before this flash of understanding finally came, but when it did come, it was so comforting that the wait, and frustration were soon forgotten.

Why do we put unneeded pressure on ourselves?
The answer to that questions is less important than the question itself. When we make inquiries, genuinely wanting to understand, the doors of life open, this is a precious asset.

Now I am back. I am talking to publishers interested in the book, and I can hardly hold back my excitement for taking my book on the road (teaching workshops, creating retreats and developing a podcast) Yikes, had I known all this creative opportunity would come just from taking a break I would have taken the whole summer off!

You, dear readers, are my inspiration. Please comment on what workshops, retreats, and podcast you would like me to build and bring to you. Let’s design them together.

In peace, light and sincere gratitude.

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