There is a tremendous amount of stress which you cause by not communicating with yourself. Therefore, try to establish a relationship between you and yourself. – Yogi Bhajan

I had a conversation with a friend the other day that inspired this post.  Lately, she’s been dealing with hot flashes, emotional upsets, and feels like her body is struggling to keep up. She asked me for advice. What supplements could she take? What doctor could she consult? Was there some remedy for this type of thing? Then I asked her the question, “Are you meditating?”, ” No, she said, when would I have time to do that?”  My response not only surprised her but me too. How is it we find time to go to a doctor, search out supplements and find remedies but we can’t find 6 minutes a day to meditate.

The thought of going inward feels like a huge hurdle to many, but actually, until we go there how will we ever know how healing this practice can be?

I have written so much lately on accessing your dreams, bringing your focus inward and realizing the boundless opportunities of life. I have heard from many of you this month on this topic, thank you. It helps me understand how great a need there is to feel grounded these days.

Start small and dream big, you are a powerhouse of resources and action, tap into that!!