Stand Up, Be The Boss

I am a chronic overthinker. This is not my best trait. My busy mind has been known to send me on dead end tours that leave me feeling disempowered and regretful.

I know better than to subscribe to this frantic way of thinking, and still, it happens. But recently I have turned things around with a new mantra: I am the boss. With this mantra, I am able to grab hold of my monkey mind and tell it who’s in charge.

Last week on the Summer Solstice, I gathered with family and friends to set some intentions for the next 40 days. As a Kundalini yogi, 40 days is an auspicious amount of time to change old habits. I was in!

I had no idea what my intentions would be, but I knew they would come.

Seven of us sat at the dinner table that night to celebrate. Some knew that it was Summer Solstice and others had no idea. Before we started eating, I asked everyone to think of something they’d like to close out of their lives or something they’d like to begin (I’m sure some of them wanted to run for the hills at this point).

I opened by committing to a 40-day practice of present moment awareness. People didn’t really know what that meant. Neither did I! But what came through next made a lot of sense.

I explained how my mind frightens me, and that my fear was triggered when I would think about events from my past or anticipate what might happen in the future.

With a new awareness, I thought, “What if I could call out my fear, like a boss, and say I’ve had it.” Then instruct my mind to stay in the moment. What would that feel like?

Well, I’ve been checking this out for the last week, and it feels damn good. And I have tested it out with challenging situations with challenging people. Through it, I have kept myself in check. I’m the boss.

What’s occurred to me is that my greatest disappointments are the ones in which I have let myself down by reacting in a way that embarrasses me or, even worse, hurts someone else. Now is the time to stand up straight and be the boss.

Call to Action: Living with intention and purpose is powerful. Don’t waste another moment. Start your 40-day challenge now. You’re the boss!

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Shine Bright.