As we enter a period of transition in nature, I’m always inspired to embrace transition in my own life, too.  Please join me in a Spring Equinox 40 day Journaling Practice.

To participate, get a journal or notebook, and find a comfortable, welcoming writing spot that makes you feel at ease and offers you privacy. Write as much or as little as you like. If you feel inspired, you can write a poem, draw a picture, make a collage, or answer the question in some other creative way. Put your phone on silent, and make sure you can write for a while without interruption. If you are having trouble transitioning to a feeling of reflective calm, use the Long Deep Breath.

This practice is designed to bring you to a place of whole-person awareness. In my work, I focus on all four elements of a person: the body, the mind, the heart, and the spirit. As I have written about often, a disruption in one element soon impacts the others. For example, an anxious mind leads to tense muscles, negative emotions, and a spiritual feeling of weariness.

When we have a conscious understanding of what we are experiencing in these various systems we can meet our lives with a different kind of grace and elegance.

Every day, feel in your body, heart, mind, and spirit. By purposely checking in with the four elements of your whole self, your experiences will become richer, and you will feel a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you.

Each day ask yourself: in your private, inner life; in your relationships with others; in the wide world around you, how do you feel, what felt comforting and reassuring, and what felt discouraging unproductive and burdensome today?  Climb your ladder from basic security and self-knowledge to outer relationships, personal growth, self-expression, intuition, compassion, and connection to the sacred.

 Starting March 20th, spend time each day with your thoughts and feelings. Give them a chance to be heard and experienced. I’ll give you prompts and inspiration on Facebook and Instagram and share with you in this journey of renewal.

Thank you for your generous spirit. When we heal ourselves, we help heal the world around us.