Provocative Presentations Opening the Audience to New Ways of Responding to Life

Sarah brings cutting-edge knowledge of intuition, energy and spirituality blended with humor, insight, and compassion for human struggles for exploring methods to:

  • Reinvent Self-Care – Shift from a focus on outcome to inner peace through Sarah’s signature process of radical self-care.
  • Holistic Relationship – How the whole thing is holy from the ups and downs, ins and outs, and everything in between.
  • Physical – Sarah’s background in body healing and Kundalini Yoga sheds light on the body temple as well as the spirit.
  • Emotional – Our feelings spark a physiological reaction. Knowing how to deal with them is essential.
  • Spiritual – Our spiritual selves are undeniable. There is an invisible force that moves us through life. This is where the conversation begins.
  • Sense of Self – It’s all about how we carry ourselves. Secure new behaviors that build confidence.
  • Compassionate Success – Gain faith in the ability to succeed and the wherewithal to know how to deal with that success in a wholehearted way.
  • Self-Sabotage – Break old destructive habits (blame, avoidance, insecurity) that will keep jumping out of the shadows until we shine a light on them.
  • Cultivate Consciousness – Behind our thinking self is a deeper awareness that brings an immediate healing to our lives if we can harness and connect with it.

Sarah uses an interactive format to involve the audience in the solution.

Her programs are tailored to individual needs:

  • Single event presentations/speeches
  • Multi-session seminars/workshops
  • Group programs
  • Corporate wellness programs
  • Weekend retreats

Sarah has presented at HR/Wellness departments and employee groups for a Fortune 500 company, women’s circles, yoga classes, classroom empowerment groups, and more.

Sarah welcomes the opportunity to create a program for your organization.

To schedule, contact Sarah [email protected]

Sarah came into my life right at the perfect time and completely helped change my way of living.  Through her book and study group she gave me the tools and skills I needed for a self care practice. Something I was lacking from my life.  Working through past trauma and having a daily meditation practice I was able to connect my mind, body, heart and spirit.  Sarah’s book Inside has become my “bible” and I’m forever grateful

Abbey Colley