The SoulAs you know from last week’s blog, this post launches our eight-week energy system tour. We will start with today’s post on the Root Chakra, the first foundational energy center, and over the next eight posts move all the way through the crown center into the energetic field that surrounds us, our aura. Although we are separating the chakras for this blog series, none of the chakras stand alone. Each week, pick some of the suggested practices, and pay attention to how your experience of that energy center grows.

The Sanskrit name for the first chakra is Muladhara, pronounced mool-la-dara, which translates to “root.” Physically, we connect to this chakra through our feet, legs and tailbone (coccyx), the roots of our physical body. Disturbances, injuries, and other health issues in those body parts signal an imbalance of the first chakra—even clumsiness, like tripping.

The Root Chakra is just that: it is our root system to the world we interact with. It is our source. Just like roots of a plant or tree, it is where all our primal knowledge resides. It is the keeper of our soul’s passion, and holds information from many lifetimes, and this one too. When something happens that damages or tugs on those roots, life can feel overwhelming, desperate, and most of all, disconnected. This chakra serves as the guide to our purpose here on Earth. When we are not connected to a sense of purpose, we have no ability to absorb the knowledge of why we are here and what our truest desires, hope and dreams are for the future.

When this energy center is not fortified, feelings of being separate, alone and lost are very real. Depletion in this chakra signifies danger to survival. We are not hearty. For that reason, nourishment of this energy center is paramount. There is no compromise when it comes to a starting point for launching a transformational spiritual path: without the grounding, nourished roots of the first chakra, nothing in your life can grow successfully.

The suggestions below will help you relate to the first chakra, the roots of your life. Just like plants in rich, nutritious soil, we too can experience a life that buds, blossoms, and surrenders to the ever-changing elements of nature.


Please remember that all practice recommendations are offered with the understanding that you and your healing team know what’s best for you. If any of these offerings feel like they would compromise your well-being, do not do them. Thank you for always checking in with your life first.

Think in really practical terms when it comes to the first chakra. What helps you feel reconnected to your source, feeds your passion and energizes your heart’s desires?

When life feels fragile, try these activities to get your feet back on solid ground:

  • Clean and organize:
    • deep clean the house
    • rearrange the office or work space
    • clean the car, inside and out
    • identify other messy places in overall life and tidy them up
  • Walk outside, preferably in bare feet.
  • Lie on the grass or the beach and drink in the energy of the earth.
  • Go to yoga class, to feel connected to the body.
  • Practice breathing exercises and meditation.
  • Get into a body of water: the ocean, lake, river or bath. Submerge yourself and set an intention for healing.
  • If you are drawn to it, seek out a professional talk therapist. It can be a powerful way to identify deep passions and desires. Any level of self-discovery is deeply healing to the first chakra.

First Chakra Meditation
My meditation for the first chakra is simple. I stand with both feet hip-width apart, and visualize myself plugging into the earth. I breathe the earth energy up through my feet and visualize it coming through my legs, entering my body through the base of my spine, traveling up the spine to my heart, throat, crown of the head and surrounding my energetic field. I do this six times, pausing briefly at the end of each in and out breath.

Notice, notice, notice. Remember the energy of your life is there, but is subtle. The more time you spend activating it, believing in it, and nurturing it, the more understanding you will have of its potency.

First Chakra Meal
Samantha Devine’s Yummy Bowl

  • 1c. Steamed Beets
  • 1c. Steamed Carrots
  • 1c. Steamed Kale
  • 1c. Steamed Broccoli
  • Quinoa servings for 4 people

For the Sauce:

  • ½ c. olive oil
  • 2 tbsp. soy
  • 2 tbsp. honey
  • 1 tsp. sesame oil
  • ¼ c. balsamic vinegar
  • 2 cloves garlic, diced
  • 2-3 tbsp. ginger

Combine the veggies and the quinoa, and pour the yummy sauce over them. This is a wonderful recipe that is deeply nourishing to the first chakra and so simple to make.

Image via Blogspot.