Sleep Well Meditation
To stay strong, flexible, and graceful we must learn how to stay awake to the needs of our body, mind, heart, and spirit.
This is why meditation is so valuable. It tunes us into sensations, feelings, and resistances that enlighten important information. When we connect with the messages of the body, mind, heart, and spirit and trust the wisdom it delivers to us, we make day to day decisions based on this information.

The need for rest is a message we often ignore. It’s understandable, many of us live life in the fast lane. When we feel sluggish and weary, rather than taking a brief break to breathe and walk outside or drink a big glass of cold water, we drink caffeine to rev us up.
This is not a judgment call, we all do it, but doing it consciously rather than blindly adopting this habit every time we feel lethargic, makes a huge difference. Sleepiness is annoying to many of us. It disrupts plans and holds us back from feeling productive but truthfully when we learn to respect and listen to the true pulse of our lives, our energy and holistic wellbeing is realized.

Many people have difficulty going to sleep even though they are tired. When the mind is overly active, we have a hard time going to sleep, and even if we do go to sleep, we are restless and do not sleep deeply. There are many theories and opinions about how much sleep a person needs and it certainly varies according to the state of health, activity, and circumstances. However, most of us would agree that the deeper and more peaceful the sleep, the more rested we feel the next morning.
The body is a powerful messenger and the more we align with these personal messages the better we feel overall. This meditation is a powerful addition to your evening ritual and when done with consistency will bring long-lasting healing effects to the nervous system.

Sleep Well Meditation


This is a good meditation to do for normal daily stress, travel, and even jet lag.

  1. Sit on the ground in a position that allows your spine the ability to lengthen. Alternatively, sit in a chair that allows your feet to rest on the ground. Use whatever pillows or props you need to make this position as comfortable as possible.
  2. Sit tall and feel the crown of your head reaching toward the sky.
  3. Tip your chin just enough to lengthen the back of your neck so your breath can flow freely.


  1. Place your hands in your lap with your left hand cradling your right hand. The thumbs touch and face forward. This is a receptive mudra that brings in the energy of acceptance, surrender, and compassion for yourself and others. (Use this mudra when you are trying to control that which you cannot control.)


The eyes focus at the tip of the nose with the eyes about 9/10th closed. There are several ways to facilitate looking at the tip of the nose. Bring your forefinger in front of your face and look at it. Keep looking at the forefinger and slowly bring the forefinger to the tip of the nose.

Breathing and Mantra:

Inhale 4 equal parts through the nose. Mentally vibrate SA TA NA MA with the four parts of the inhale breath.

Hold the breath and mentally repeat 4 repetitions of SA TA NA MA. This will be 16 counts

Then exhale in 2 equal strokes, mentally projecting WAHE GURU

WAHE GURU means ecstasy. 


Continue for 3, 11, 15, 22, 31 minutes. This meditation will often put you to sleep before you complete the allotted time.


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