Simple Ways to Balance the Eighth Chakra | ItThe eighth chakra is a blanket of energy that supports, protects and surrounds the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives. This energy is called the aura or the magnetic field. When supported in strength allows us to be in our lives with confidence, assurance and an ease. The aura is the manifestation of your overall energetic balance, so notice when you have slipped out of balance and move towards simple practices to help you reset your magnetic field.

Please remember that all practice recommendations are offered with the understanding that you and your healing team know what’s best for you. If any of these offerings feel like they would compromise your well-being, do not do them. Thank you for always checking in with your life first.

  • Ground yourself. All of the chakras call for grounding, but none more than the eighth chakra, your aura. Putting bare feet on the ground helps us plug into the earth’s energy and reset and revitalize our overall system.
  • Notice. In a practice of noticing we have the ability to not only feel when we are in balance, but more importantly to notice when we are not. This is a valuable step. Notice when your life feels heavy, clumsy and energetically drained. Be ready with a few techniques on hand to help you get your feet on the ground again, literally and figuratively.
  • Take a walk in nature. Stroll by the ocean, a lake, or in the woods and feel the immediate effects that these places have on your energy.
  • Experience stillness. Know where it is you like to go to be still, and go there. When you are there, relax into total quiet and stillness. Pay special attention to your breath, and when your mind wanders, continually bring yourself back to that stillness through your breath.
  • Receive a reiki massage. This massage technique incorporates the aura into the experience, focusing on the energy meridians of the body’s electromagnetic field.

Eighth Chakra Meditation

Transcendental meditation is the fuel that feeds the aura. With a regular practice of stillness connects us to parts of our life that make us feel connected and whole. While some of the other meditation practices I suggest replicate the circumstances of transcendental meditation in ways that are easier to commit to or less intimidating to start with, this is the real thing. I like to start my clients with Yogi Bhajan’s Meditation for a Calm Heart. You can also learn more through 3H0’s Divine Shield exercise. Begin with a 3-6 minute daily practice and see where it takes you.