Simple Ways to Balance the Sixth Chakra

Simple Ways to Balance the Sixth Chakra

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Simple Ways to Balance the Sixth Chakra | ItThe spirit rests in the balanced sixth chakra energy center. When we practice devotion to the sixth chakra, the spirit grows in its trust of the guidance of intuition. The sixth chakra’s energy connects us to the deep, consistent and devoted power that lives in our own spirits as well as the universe as a whole.

I now know, after practicing the trust of the sixth chakra, the difference between the frantic advice of the mind/ego and the steady, wise, discerning advice of my spirit. Growing this kind of trust isn’t an easy exercise, because those moments when life falls apart are the exact times we need to implement this faith in our own intuition.

The practices offered below are exercises that will help you grow this trust. As you select the practices you’d like to try and bring them into your life, notice all of the reactions of your body, mind, heart, and spirit. Ask questions of yourself and listen deeply to the answers provided by the sixth chakra.

Please remember that all practice recommendations are offered with the understanding that you and your healing team know what’s best for you. If any of these offerings feel like they would compromise your well-being, do not do them. Thank you for always checking in with your life first.

Simple Practices

  • Cultivate curiosity. Move towards anything that grabs hold of your interest.
  • Ask deep questions of yourself. Ask others big, open-ended questions, even if you think you already know what they will say. Stay open to the real meaning of the answers you receive.
  • Encourage the flow of life: get back to what makes you most happy, like a walk, a dance, a song, a friend.
  • Ask what compassion means to your life and journal on it for a week. Each day, ask how you practiced and received compassion.
  • Invite the color indigo into your life with home decor, flowers, art, and clothing choices, to enhance the power of your sixth chakra.

Sixth Chakra Meditations

You may find this simple exercise helpful when you’re out running errands or traveling on a journey with multiple route options, as I do. Ask yourself, “Which would be the best route for me to take home?” Accept the answer that pops into your head first without judgment or doubt. Simply act.

At first, you may feel uncomfortable, because, like me, your busy mind would rather go down the most familiar route, but venture off in another direction instead. Push yourself past the doubt and experience another way. Soon, other instincts will begin to pop into your mind, instructions sent from the sixth chakra to guide you in safer, and more interesting ways. Embrace this. Be one with the messages of the sixth chakra, and don’t be afraid to ask and be curious about what shows up.

Another way to engage with the sixth chakra is in moments of emotional vulnerability. The next time you have an interaction with someone that brings up judgment, confusion, or anger, try this out: put your hands on your heart and say, “STOP.” Catch yourself in this act and decide to look at the situation from the highest level, and with compassion instead of judgment. Give the other person complete benefit of the doubt. If someone has struck out at you, consider thinking:

  • this person must be overloaded with stress and cannot handle it in a healthy way
  • this person might not have self-care practices in place, and may be lacking sleep or in the midst of health issues
  • this person might be distressed from receiving bad news or some other private conflict

Give them a break, and notice how this amount of generosity lifts the sadness from your own life, too.

Sixth Chakra Asana

Child’s pose is a beautiful opportunity to place your third eye on the earth and stimulate your connection to the universe. Sitting on your feet, widen your knees as far out as possible, and bring your feet to touch in the center. Bow yourself down to the ground, or take a block and place your third eye point down. Your arms can be overhead on the floor, or by your side, palms up. Rest in this position and breathe the Long Deep Breath.


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