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Learn how to really take care of yourself. Fortify your body, mind, heart, and spirit with a self-care practice so you can meet the ever-changing experiences of your life.

Deep Noticing

Deep noticing is where I start with all my students and clients. This is where learning about one’s self begins. In fact, without activating this inner perspective, we have little chance of making progress on a path of self-discovery and healing … read more

Self Body Scan

Your body is the vehicle of your life. When you pay close attention to how your body feels every day you gather information about who you are: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. A self body scan uncovers our weaknesses, depletions, and blocks before they become too serious. Bring your attention to whatever sensations, feelings, and resistances come up and meet them where they are … read more

Foot Massage with Healing Butter

Bring your focus inward and experience the benefits of self-massage. Foot massage or reflexology will inspire healing at all levels and support different parts of your body by stimulating related points on the soles of your feet. Before starting your foot massage, complete all other nighttime rituals. Let your foot massage … read more

Self Care Gets Real

There is nothing more empowering than knowing how to take care of yourself when life gets tough. This isn’t something that came naturally to me. Like many people, and women, in particular, I grew up with the subliminal message that self-care was an act of selfishness. But that storyline is … read more

Self-Care for the Five Senses

When we put energy and intention into Self-care for the Five Senses, we experience our lives in a different way and awaken to things that we haven’t explored before. We come into union with what makes us feel best and have a new knowledge of how to meet the … read more

Focus on Your Own Self Care

There is an important distinction between the interconnectedness of our relationships and the privacy of the journey through trauma. I have to verbalize this to almost all of my clients at one point or another: Just because you have decided to … read more

Self Care is Essential

Self care is a necessity, not a luxury. We live in a time that glorifies overloaded schedules and constant availability. There is a big emphasis on self-sacrifice, especially for women. The emotional upset caused by too much sacrifice provokes a tendency towards self-medicating. We do this … read more

Give Yourself Permission to Feel It

Feelings show up in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are glorious to experience, and others are dark, glaring and obnoxious. Acceptance of feelings that show up without judgement is the work of our lives. When we actively push feelings away that aren’t representative of how we … read more

Pushing Yourself Out of the Zone

More often than not, I find myself hanging out in my comfort zone. I’m a creature of habit. I like the same mug for my coffee each morning, I make the bed the same way every day, and when it comes to work I have some deep-rooted habits- some have served me … read more

Learning Self Love

I realized long ago that the only way out of the cycle of anxiety and depression I had been feeling most of my life was to turn my focus and attention inward. Somehow I knew the solution was to learn to love myself and to tame somehow the hugely critical voice that … read more

Express Yourself: Fifth Chakra

The fifth chakra is the prize in a well-balanced energetic life. It is the ultimate reward of stabilizing and rebalancing the preceding chakras. With a strong foundation, we effortlessly have the ability to speak from the heart, feel confidence and … read more

Use a Mirror as a Powerful Healing Tool

We look in the mirror to brush our teeth, comb our hair, and notice our clothing, but how often do we look below the surface? When you meet your own eyes with interest and curiosity, you cut through the destructiveness that the mind often musters … read more

Finding Your Tenderfoot

One of my favorite things about spring is having the chance to be a tenderfoot again. The word tenderfoot reminds me of the first warm days of spring, when you go for a walk in bare feet for the first time all year. Your feet are soft and sensitive, so you walk carefully, feeling … read more

The Spirit of Christmas

This Christmas season I have been flush with gifts. My spirit rejoices. I have shared time with so many I love. I have had the chance to navigate the challenges of a busy schedule and come out understanding, not resisting, the lessons that were waiting patiently for … read more