Self-care is a necessity, not a luxury.

We live in times that glorify overloaded schedules and constant availability. There is a big emphasis on self-sacrifice, especially for women. Too much sacrifice provokes a tendency toward self-medicating: with junk food, television binges, overuse of alcohol, drugs and more. It’s a vicious cycle. Instead of healing the source of the problem, we treat the symptoms and repeat the same destructive patterns again.

Self-care breaks the cycle by empowering you to seek what you need and to question what the external world demands of you. It brings you back to a place where you can trust your instincts, feed your spirit and fulfill your family and work roles with vigor.

How? Through a combination of activities, exercises, rituals and reflections that are designed to tap into your inner knowledge. With this information, you understand what supports your vitality and what diminishes it. You choose the things that strengthen your body, stretch your mind, balance your emotions and nourish your spirit. 

When clients begin a daily self-care practice, I am amazed at how fast life starts to change. One woman told me that the practice had allowed her to come home to herself, a feeling she had not experienced in a long time, if ever. She realized how trauma, stress, and anxiety had taken her away from the things she cherished most in life. Meditating for just a few minutes a day gave her back her life. Now she shares a relationship with herself once again. 

When we put energy and intention into self-care, we experience our lives in a different way. We become awake to things that we haven’t explored before. We come into union with what makes us feel best and have a new knowledge of how to meet the world with strength and confidence. Explore this relationship with yourself and open your life to the wonder within.