Your body is the vehicle of your life. When you pay close attention to how your body feels every day you gather information about who you are: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

A self body scan uncovers our weaknesses, depletions, and blocks before they become too serious. Bring your attention to whatever sensations, feelings, and resistances come up and meet them where they are. Journal the experience to witness how things change over time.

Settle In and Make Yourself Comfortable
Sit on the ground in a position that allows your spine the ability to lengthen. Alternatively, sit in a chair that allows your feet to rest on the ground. Use whatever pillows or props you need to make this position as comfortable as possible.
Sit tall and feel the crown of your head reaching toward the sky.
Tip your chin just enough to lengthen the back of your neck so your breath can flow freely.
Do the Self Body Scan

1.     Place your hands on your belly and breathe as you normally breathe. Notice: Is your belly pulling in when you take a breath, or is it pushing out? If your belly pulls in on the inhale, your breath will be shallow, only letting the air enter the upper part of your lungs. When your belly expands on the inhale, your lungs are flooded with fresh air, blowing up like a balloon.

2.     Exhale. Feel your body contract from your belly up to your chest. Let all the air from your lungs release.

3.     Do 6 rounds of this breath before you start the body scan.

4.     Place your hands on your thighs; imagine yourself grounded from your tailbone (or your feet if you are sitting on a chair) to the earth. Starting with your lower body, let your breath bring light to your feet and legs. Move upward, bringing awareness to your belly, vital organs, and heart center. If you feel restriction or discomfort, take notice and bring your breath to those areas. Continue to your shoulders and extend the energy to your arms and fingers. Take another breath from your belly and light up your throat, mouth, face, and ears. Finally, gather energy from the earth and your whole body and shine this energy through the crown of your head. Feel a glow cascade around your body’s magnetic system.

5.     Gather information. If a notable sensation, emotion, or uncomfortable feeling appears during your body scan, stop for a moment and write about it in your journal.

6.     Give yourself as much time as you need to complete the body scan.

Add a self body scan to your morning meditation practice or set aside another time for it and watch how your life shifts. Awareness brings your focus inward and gives voice to the parts of you that hide in the shadows.