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Celebrate the everyday and make it sacred. Rituals—from your morning tea to breath work and journaling—are precious assets to our lives.


Moon Ceremony

Cleanse your space. Sage is an herb that works with lunar energy and is extremely effective in cleansing negative energy. If you are working indoors, remember to open your windows so the energy has a place to escape … read more


New Moon in Leo- Power Up Your Ability to Heal Through Old Habits

Because the Moon has been so powerful this summer, it has been a particularly good time to tune into its energy. I wake up some mornings feeling overcome by the energy surging through my life, with my grandest dreams and my most tender losses standing side by side. This polar energy is balancing but hard to navigate at times, as it requires that we get super clear about how we communicate … read more

The Full Moon in Aquarius: Better to Glide with It Than Resist It

You may have already felt the effects of this lunar cycle. This Full Blood Moon is joined by the longest total lunar eclipse of the century, which happens the day after Mercury turns retrograde. This moon ushers in change and the opportunity to move ahead with those parts of you that have shyly sat in the shadows. Its message is, “Find your path and stick to it, no matter what!”… read more

New Moon in Cancer July 12–13, 2018

When life gets HUGE, it can feel like the Universe is testing you to see how steady you can stay. I call it Spiritual Graduate School. One enormous event after another, until finally you surrender because you just can’t believe that all these high-stakes situations could come up at the same time … read more

Lady Moon is A Powerhouse

Alexa Brassard, my daughter, is back with some great ideas and insights about the moon and other astrological events. She brings light to rituals and celebrations that inspire her life and focus. She and I often talk about … read more

An Inconvenient Angel

Rituals are precious assets to my life, and I plan so I don’t have to rush through them. Rushing through anything makes me crazy. But as we all know, that kind of planning isn’t always … read more

Celebrate Summer Solstice

4 Great Ways to Tap into Your Potential and Manifest Your Dreams. I am so excited to celebrate Summer Solstice this year . . . gathering friends, creating great meals, and standing by a campfire on the beach to welcome the longest light day of … read more

5 of My Favorite Healing Practices

Life can feel very scary when fear overshadows us. Fear is our ego, and when left unattended wreaks havoc on our lives. We may be able to dodge life’s intensity when there are no glaring challenges, but when crisis appears, our reflective practices become our … read more

Upside Down and Sideways

David and I have just made our second move in two years, and I was secretly hoping that this move would come and go without too much upheaval, but that was not to be. Moving ranks high in what shakes up our … read more

Winter Solstice: A Day of Power

I’m interested in ancient rituals and celebrations. The more I practice self care practices the more I experience the vitality of energy in my life. I am drawn to traditions that help me utilize my energy and nature’s energy to it’s greatest … read more

Add Great Things to Your Life

As I guide you on this path of healing, you’ll notice how often I encourage you to add healing methods to your life (rituals, relationships, spiritual practices, yoga, walks in nature, self care practices) and how rarely I direct you to remove … read more

The Sound of Your Voice

The first quarter of 2016 was a huge time of transition, growth, and adjustment. I’ve found myself taking a very close look at how I spend my time and my energy. What serves me… and what … read more