Celebrate everyday and make it sacred. Rituals—from your morning tea to breath work and journaling—are precious assets to our lives.

My Three-Step Morning Healing Practice

I really appreciate the concept of bringing old healing traditions into my daily regime so I wanted to share my three-step morning healing practice. It’s easy to overthink our self-care, but if we look around we can find so many healing remedies already in our kitchens. I recently brought this three-step practice back into my life, and I love how

5 of My Favorite Healing Practices

Life can feel very scary when fear overshadows your perspective. Fear is your ego, and when left unattended it can wreak havoc on your life. We may be able to dodge life's intensity when we are living life with no glaring challenges, but when life ramps up, and crisis appears, our reflective practices become our lifeline. In challenging times, we

Sleep Well Meditation

To stay strong, flexible and graceful we must learn how to stay awake to the needs of our body, mind, heart, and spirit. This is why meditation is so valuable. It tunes us into sensations, feelings, and resistances that enlighten important information. When we connect with the messages of the body, mind, heart, and spirit and trust the wisdom it delivers

Altars of Your Life

Very soon after I committed to a daily practice, I began to feel drawn to creating altars everywhere. I yearned for a place that held my energy, that would be a sanctuary and a connection to the inner and outer energy of my life. With every daily practice, my awareness opened more. My perspective was changing, and I longed for

New Moon in Leo- Power Up Your Ability to Heal Through Old Habits

I love writing these Moon messages. They prompt me to pay special attention to how the lunar cycles affect my body, mind, heart, and spirit. Because the Moon has been so powerful this summer, it has been a particularly good time to tune into its energy. I wake up some mornings feeling overcome by the energy surging through my life,

New Moon in Cancer July 12–13, 2018

When life gets HUGE, it can feel like the Universe is testing you to see how steady you can stay. I call it Spiritual Graduate School. One enormous event after another, until finally you surrender because you just can’t believe that all these high-stakes situations could come up at the same time. My meditation practice has taught me to surrender