This summer’s astrological events lined up to flush out old patterns and difficulties and made room for me to know myself in exciting new ways. It was a summer of healing and great discovery for me.

Summer energy met me where I was: ready to do the work. Although I wasn’t entirely sure what that meant, I was confident that the Universe would supply me with exactly what I needed. What it gave me was a clear view of my sh__t. It is easy to ignore the low hums of dysfunction, but not so easy when they are screaming at you full volume. What I found was that there was no getting away from my storylines and myself.

I recognized that I have a pattern of allowing certain situations and people to derail me. I have known this about myself for years, and yet I’ve been playing along rather than digging in to figure it out.

My go-to has always been to soothe myself with meditation and self-care practices. This summer I trusted that those years of practice had given me a power base strong enough to take me beyond those old patterns and create a bright new understanding of myself. I took a leap of faith.

I recently watched an episode of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. Oprah and Elizabeth Lesser, one of the founders of Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, talked about the layering of veils (experiences) that cover up and protect our precious song. We do this to adapt to the many circumstances of life. Maybe we were told by our parents, teacher, friends, or someone else that being a certain way didn’t align with how things should be, and for whatever reason, we dimmed our inner light to support these instructions and covered that light with a veil.

This struck a chord in me. What had I experienced in those tender, impressionable years that had me believing a storyline that no longer supported my truth, happiness, and overall well-being?

When we stop, get still, and deeply listen rather than engage in a storyline that holds no truth or solution for our lives, answers appear. This very action opens space in our spirit to listen and receive answers. So the next time I found myself playing along, I asked, What about this situation triggers such deep sadness and insecurity inside me?

At first, certain past events resurfaced, but they didn’t hold the potency of this deep hurt. So I kept asking. In both cases, the answer woke me up in the morning, delivering a hidden experience from my childhood that made sense of that false present-day storyline. Now I understood. I could have compassion for my young self who didn’t have the tools or skills to know how to process this confusing experience, but my reality was different now. I could do something about the way I responded to these types of situations, even when they held a sting of something tender and hurtful from my past. I could reprogram the way I dealt with these triggers, honoring myself and everyone else in the process. Now this felt successful!

In the quiet of sacred space and mediation, I applied the answer to my question, and I knew I was onto a new healing path. Now I had REAL tools. I knew what the trigger was and reprogrammed my belief system when it was activated.

The next time I felt that punch in the belly, I recognized the trigger and told myself, This is not my reality now. I understand that this is an old wound, one that I am ready to heal through now. This act inspired compassion for myself. Instead of pushing away my feelings, I turned toward them. I held their message of hurt but no longer believed it was true.

The following exercise helps create new neural pathways to stop ingrained belief systems that continually hurt us.

 Seven Steps to Reprogram Yourself to Heal from Old Wounds

  1. Create a practice of self-reflection, meditation, and inner inquiry. 
  2. Go to this place daily, preferably at the same time each day. Start short—with 3 to 6 minutes a day—but make sure to stick with it every day.
  3. Identify situations that make you feel small, unloved, unworthy, or completely alone. Notice the untrue storylines these messages trigger in you.
  4. Take 3 long deep breaths and ask, What event from my childhood triggers such deep sadness and insecurity inside me?
  5. Listen to the answers that come up. Feel the energetic similarities of the past event to the current event. Is there a relationship? Look for an aha moment or a ping of understanding that opens awareness in you. All of the information is important, but ONE remembrance will hold a different resonance and power.
  6. When you get that hit or ping, trust it, and apply the past experience to the current trigger. Are you onto something? Do you have more of an understanding of why this current situation would bring on feelings of insecurity? Could it be the reason you feel so fragile?
  7. If so, take the next step by creating a new way of addressing old triggers. Think about how you would like it to look and feel. Test it out.

Magic happens when we reprogram old worn out habits, press the refresh button, and create the life we long to have. Here’s to you and all your amazing efforts.

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We are in this life together, learning, growing, and healing. Awareness of this truth is the essence of humanity. Peace on the trail.