A Simple Remedy to Relieve Jet Lag

When I first started on my healing path, I intuitively knew that I needed to address my life as a whole—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—in order to enjoy an amazing quality of life. I couldn’t leave out any players. Homeopathy has helped me further understand how important it is to take care of all aspects of my experience, and homeopathic remedies have helped me restore wellness at all levels.

Changing time zones used to be a real issue for me. Long trips would disrupt my sleeping and eating patterns and leave me with a hung over feeling for a few days after arrival. When you have just seven or eight days on a trip, a few days is a big chunk of time to catch up. I consulted with my homeopath, and she suggested the following combination of remedies, which can be found in most natural food stores. Taking them has changed my experience of traveling completely.

Take 3 pellets of each of the four remedies the night before you travel, then the next morning, afternoon, and evening for the next two days, or as long as symptoms of jet lag are present.

Note: The practices shared in this blog are not meant to take the place of the advice given to you by your primary care doctors. When in doubt, be selective about the remedies and exercises you choose, and call on the experts in your healing team for guidance.