Certain times bring stunning upsets to life. These unplanned events show up in various ways, through relationships, careers, health issues, friendships, and political outcomes. The unexpected happens, in fact, it happens more often than not. We visualize life playing out in a certain way and when it doesn’t it can potentially disrupt, confuse and scare us. I understand this.

Last Sunday I got news that my dear friend had suffered a massive heart attack. In those initial moments after getting the call, I felt myself falling into the darkness that fear brings on when there are no benchmarks for hope. I had just spoken to him, all was well, how could it be that now he was fighting for his life? I wanted the reality of this pain to disappear but it wouldn’t, and the only choice I had was to find a way through it.img_1726

I was aware of what was going on, it was like I was watching a movie, my body started shaking, my mind unleashed all sorts of fear, my heart was breaking, and my spirit searched for true north. I was in shock and the systems of my life: body, mind, heart and spirit were responding to the sad news.

This awareness activated my resources. My spirit, stronger than any of the other systems of my physical body, called 911 for inner guidance. Immediately, my breath deepened, my shoulders relaxed, and my fear began to clear in response to the call. There was a job to do that depended on my strength, wisdom, and clarity, assets not available to me when I am shut down in panic. This perspective allowed me the chance to see how much benefit daily meditation brings to my life.

Yes, I know the obvious reasons I practice:

  • to clear my senses
  • to find peace and inner strength
  • to feel my connection to God, nature, and the world
    But had I overlooked the practical contributions that meditation offers me?
  • an enhanced concentration
  • a razor sharp ability to see past fear and become courageous
  • a strong and steady belief in the most powerful and positive outcome

This week I have been in partnership with who I am on the inside. I have devoted time to listening deeply to the tender and fragile parts of who I am when everything I know as normal is turned upside down. Simply, life is not dependable on the outside, and unless we create a relationship with our inner world, we will never know the unchanging, reliable, steadfast energy of life within.

Meditation has saved my life once again, it has made me brave and served as my lifeline and even with all the fragile circumstances around me, all I feel is gratitude.
Peace, peace, peace.