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Simple practices like a morning reflection, getting close to nature, or journaling bring you into the present moment. Create your own personal practice and dive deep.

Alters of Your Life

Very soon after I committed to a daily practice, I began to feel drawn to creating altars everywhere. I yearned for a place that held my energy, that would be a sanctuary and a connection to the inner and outer energy of my life… read more

Reprogram Yourself to Heal from Old Wounds

This summer’s astrological events lined up to flush out old patterns and difficulties and made room for me to know myself in exciting new ways. It was a summer of healing and great discovery for me… read more

Re-program and Heal Old Wounds

This summer’s astrological events lined up to flush out old patterns and difficulties and made room for me to know myself in exciting new ways. It was a summer of healing and great discovery for me… read more

Ancient Tree Grounding

This practice helps you create strong roots into Mother Earth, like a tree that has been standing strong for thousands of years… read more

Spring Equinox Writing Experience

As we enter a period of transition in nature, I’m inspired to embrace transition in my own life, too. Please join me for a 40-day inner journey through my Spring Equinox Journaling Practice. To participate, get a journal or notebook and find… read more

Stop, Look, and Listen: 3 Steps to Waking up and Responding Gracefully

This exercise activates awareness, and awareness is the most potent tool you have in changing unwanted behaviors. It helps you wake up, and when you wake up to what no longer supports happiness, everything shifts … read more

Creating a Vision Board

A vision board, where you put your vision on paper, is where your thoughts become actions. Your vision board can be about anything. Dream big, indulge yourself in thoughts of love and growth, and visualize what it will feel like when your vision is … read more


Oil Pulling

I love the idea of bringing traditional ways of healing into my life, and there are so many natural remedies already in our kitchens. My body responds better to natural ingredients than it does to chemical and … read more

Healing Movement: Unwinding

The body is the vessel for all that happens to you. We feel stress in holding patterns that target the neck, shoulders, belly, low back, and so many other areas. Without release, these areas create havoc on the … read more

Use a Mirror as a Powerful Healing Tool

We look in the mirror to brush our teeth, comb our hair, and notice our clothing, but how often do we look below the surface? When you meet your own eyes with interest and curiosity, you cut through the … read more

Three Simple Healing Practices

You could say that self care has been the journey of my life. I know how to take care of myself, and I know when to turn to healing practices to make myself feel better. That information transformed my life. And it has been a … read more

5 of My Favorite Healing Practices

Life can feel very scary when fear overshadows us. Fear is our ego, and when left unattended wreaks havoc on our lives. We may be able to dodge life’s intensity when there are no glaring challenges, but when crisis appears, our … read more

5 Steps to Stop Frantic Thinking and Insomnia in 1 Minute

Do you know what stress feels like in your body, mind, and spirit? Recognizing how stress appears in your life is a huge step in the right direction. Can you name where stress hits your … read more


4 Ways to Power Up Your Dreams

When I realized that I could make dreams come true just by bringing awareness to them, my life changed. There is amazing power in this subtle shift of awareness. With the unpredictability of just about everything in … read more

A Simple Remedy to Relieve Jet Lag

When I first started on my healing path, I intuitively knew that I needed to address my life as a whole—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—in order to enjoy an amazing quality of life. I couldn’t leave out any players. Homeopathy has … read more

Practice: Morning Reflection

This is an intentional, yet simple way to begin your day. Let’s start here. Do this every day for the next week and awaken to your self-care, meditation practice. For now, this is all there is to do for the next week. Hopefully, you have … read more

All Healing Happens in the Present Moment

Your healing path is deeply personal, and having faith that healing will happen when you are good and ready drops the burden of trying so hard or forcing it. This simple practice supports present moment engagement … read more

Find Your Inner Compass

We all know what it’s like to feel stuck…when your best efforts seemingly collapse in front of you and you can’t move ahead because of fear. You grieve for the unrealized dream. You fall victim to the circumstances that prevented that dream’s birth and … read more

Healing 3 Step Morning Practice

I love the idea of bringing old healing traditions into my life. It’s easy to overthink how we take care of ourselves, but the truth is, so many healing remedies are already in our pantry. I have recently brought this 3 step practice back into … read more

Clear Out Your Spiritual Space

On your healing journey, life will feel different fast. The smallest steps can have potent ripples. Keep your efforts modest and obtainable. This way you are assured success. Sticking to a steady practice, even if it’s just three minutes a day, can change … read more

Stay Awake to Your Resistances

This summer I had trouble focusing on anything other than preparing for my son, Eric’s, wedding. I didn’t understand this at first. Each day I would go to my office, trying to find creativity, inspiration, and motivation to write, but the well was … read more