I know from experience that my power is based on how safe I feel.  

Life is ever changing. We all understand this, but when reality hits us up close and personal, the stakes get higher.

These past few weeks I’ve noticed how fast life can ramp up. My mother, eighty-eight years old, rode out Hurricane Irma at her Florida home with no family support nearby. And my sister and her family, who live in the heart of Sonoma County, dealt day after day with raging wildfires.

When a loved one is in jeopardy, life feels fragile fast. It is these types of situations that reveal our personal power. When I am not strong, I have no ability to believe in the best outcome or find a silver lining; life feels shaky, insecure, and unreliable. The situation becomes all about me.

In these tenuous times, I pray for a strong foundation. From that grounded place, I am able to freely offer my support.

Know yourself differently. Go inside and develop your foundation. Start by following the simple steps for grounding I shared in the October newsletter.

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